August 19, 2018

Musings: Changing up my Hair with Cliphair – A Review

I was kindly sent some clip-in hair extensions from Cliphair to try and it just so happened I was actually thinking of getting some for a few events later this year. Coincidence right?

In the past I’ve had a sewn-in weave which was great but I hated the fact that it was itchy and tight. Most of all, I hate commitment and weaves come at a cost for the hair and installation. In comparison, with clip-in extensions, you have the freedom to put them in as you please. So one day you can have Rapunzel locks and other days your own. It really is up to you.


Easy to Use

I’ve used clip-in extensions in the past as was put off as they got really tangled. The Cliphair extensions on the other hand were much easier to install and although I was a little rusty, they only took about 10 minutes altogether. Thankfully the website has a ton of handy videos of you’re a novice like me.

My hair texture is curly, but I frequently straighten it so even though my clip-ins were straight it wasn’t an issue. Ironically the look I was going for was curly, so of course I straightened my natural hair only to curl it with the straighteners. The things as curly-headed people have to do right?

What you get?

Two 8 inch (20cm) wide wefts – 3 clips per weft
Two 6 inch (15cm) wide wefts – 3 clips per weft
Two 4 inch (10cm) wide wefts – 2 clips per weft
Two 2 inch (5cm) wide wefts – 1 clip per weft



At the moment, my hair is a golden-honey ombre and the first set I was sent didn’t match (too dark), but helpfully I was also sent a swatch which matched my hair perfectly. Best of all, they can be dyed! I usually switch up my look every other year which I got from blonde to dark brown or somewhere in-between so its great to know they won’t be completely redundant.


Before (well a few weeks ago).



At £64.99 you get a full head of Remy clip in extensions which are made from human hair and can be styled exactly like the hair on your head. Best of all, they don’t come with a strange smell, which some human hair brands are notorious for.

When to use? 


It’s your beauty and your style, so make them work for you.

All in all, you’ll be seeing me in these extensions a lot over the next year (this is how long they’re meant to last) and I can’t wait to create more looks with them.

Have you tried clip-in hair extensions before?

Char xo

Please note, these were sent for my review, but all views are my own. 


3 responses to “Musings: Changing up my Hair with Cliphair – A Review”

  1. Sophie says:

    These look so interesting! I think it’s inportant to find clip in hair extensions that match your hair! You can’t even tell the colour match is perfect☺️

  2. Aaliyah says:

    They look like they worked great with your hair, they also matched the colour really well! I’ve nevr actually used hair extensions because my hair is pretty long but I’ll be showing this post to my friend! X

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