October 6, 2018

Memoirs: 60 Of My Favourite Memes

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram your feed is probably filled with me tagging my friends in memes  from when I wake to when I sleep. In a world of stress and sadness, memes do really get us through. Why cry of sadness when you can cry of laughter? 

Here are  favourite memes that keep me laughing day and night.

In no particular order: 

1. Salt Bae

I’ve never been so infatuated by someone pouring salt or slicing meat in my entire life. He has charisma, displays rugged masculinity and makes me wanna jump on a plane to Turkey ASAP. He can whisper salty nothings in my ear any day. I debated taking this sentence out but I’m a mess so I’ve left it in…

2. The ‘YOU NAME IT’ Challenge

Never have I been so excited for Christmas dinner in my life. I know this meme only came out around Thanksgiving last year but us Brits don’t celebrate it… God Bless you Shirley Caesar for bringing this into our lives. 

3. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Ah good old Sweet Brown. Every time someone proceeded to waste a minute of my life with endless small talk this meme would play in my head. Keep it short and concise because… ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. 

4. Rihanna staring at food…

Food never does me wrong…. *goes back to Salt Bae meme* 

5. We still coming…

 I would do exactly the same, who doesn’t love weddings? 

6. YEP. 

7. 100 % accurate. ROLL ON RETIREMENT.

8. The older I get the more I love a good night’s sleep.


9. I have this personal epiphany at last once a week:

10. Oui Oui


12. I try and I try 


14. I do not excel in Excel 

15. Heartbreak is real…

16. I need more friends who understand this.

17. I’m sorry but I need options

18. Cancelled plans you say? I have a whole blog post on that here. 

19. See above ^ 

20. Sorry.

21. Corporate life will ruin you. 

22. “I’M BUSY”

23. Internal jokes are the best. 


25. This haunts me daily. 

26. The key to any healthy relationship.   

27. Ever been so single you run away from any sign of attention because you don’t know how to handle or accept it? YEP. 

28. One night out puts me out for WEEKS. 

29. I hate Excel. 

30. Who else is shaped like a fridge? *goes back to number 25*

31. Silence and solitary is golden.

32. Sorry. 

33. I have done this SO many times. 

34. How do I apply for unlimited Uber credit? 

35. New Years Eve to New Years Day.

36. A whole mood, a mood and nothing but a mood. I ASPIRE to be this unbothered (and rich) one day. 

37. After I pay my bills.


38. YEP. 

39. I do this all the time. 

40. I’m not enjoying adulthood LMAO.

41. You know when you didn’t wanna go out and you end up going out and you end up exactly like this? 

42. Stay true to you. 

43. I’ve been done for a while now. 

44. I would love to know the history behind this photo: 

45. One of those days. 

46. This is how you check in on me. 

47. Does anyone want a blog post on my favourite petty celebrities? 

48. This is always the person who NEVER check in on you or message you saying ‘Where was my invite?’ BYEEEE

49. Accurate. 

50. *One way ticket please* 

51. Me working out how much I’ve been hurt over the years: 

52. Also packs 48573498 pairs of underwear just incase. 

53. I really hate last-minute plans. 

54. It’s an addiction. 

55. Me when I send a risky message: 

56. *Plays lottery* 

57. When I see people arguing on the internet: 

58. You HAVE to reconfirm on the day. 

59. When that risky message works out: 

60. The best response to when someone comes for you: 

What are your favourite memes?

Char xo

Memes sourced from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; they do not belong to me.

2 responses to “Memoirs: 60 Of My Favourite Memes”

  1. Olliviette says:

    Number 58 is me ALLLLL DAY – I don’t care who it is, if you don’t confirm on the day of I will not even get ready. My family stay getting mad at me but I can do a 10 min beat and be out my door. You should have confirmed.

  2. Jenna says:


    That is all that I can say

    Roll on the petty celebs blog please 😂😂😂😂

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