August 15, 2017

Musings: The Joy of Cancelled Plans

Nothing excites me more these days than cancelled plans. It’s also a reminder that I need to stop making plans because when it comes to the day, I just really can’t be bothered. Especially if it’s on a weekend and I have no other plans that day…

I much prefer catching up with friends after work because going out on the weekend usually means I waste more money. It’s probably due to my Uber addiction and spending a little too much on alcohol because I *can* be hungover the next day. In actuality, I really need to delete my Uber app, stop drinking because I hate being hungover and just stop making plans altogether. Maybe it’s because I’m not as young as a used to be… (ew, 27), but when plans are cancelled my heart swells with joy. Most of my reasoning for said cancelled plans comes from the following:


You didn’t want to go anyway

I’m a strong believer in taking myself out of situations I don’t wanna be in, so I need to say GOODBYE altogether to any ‘situationships’ I don’t wanna be in these days. Time to have a Facebook and WhatsApp clearout on that note. OR it could be the actual place you were asked to go to is crap, I mean we all read TripAdvisor and the idea of paying £8 for eggs on toast is daylight robbery. No thanks.


You’re tired

Generally my number one reason for cancelling. Tired from work, tired from life, tired of your bullsh*t.

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You don’t wanna be around people today

I seem to be in this mood all the time (I should just become a recluse), but sometimes humans are DRAINING. Some people talk about the same thing night and day and you wonder if there is any more substance to them other than work and their trivial life problems. Saying no these kinda plans is a reminder that I value my time and space.

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You don’t really know the other person and you CBA for the whole CV of life convo

You know those ones where you’re gonna be in a group sitatuation and the only person you know is your ‘friend’ (e.g a birthday dinner). Then you have to somehow force yourself to be a little less ‘you’ and a little more refined and then you go through the whole:

Them: Hi

Me: Hey, you alright?

Them: What’s your name?

Me: *mumbles* Idontwannabehere, it’s Charlotte but you can call me Char…  [Really I’m saying to myself, call me a cab]

Them: I’m xxxxxxLaquishafonishabonquiquicourtneyobamanisha

Me: So, how do you know xxxx? [Referring to the friend]

Them: We went to college/childhood friends/university/work *delete as appropriate

Me: Oh cool, I used to college/childhood friends/university/work with them [Again delete as appropriate]

Them: So, what do you do? Where do you live? Do you have a boyfriend? Kids? What is your blood type? Chicken or fish?

Me: *mentally checks out*

Me: *mumbles to self* I wish I stayed at home


I can’t count how many times I’ve been in these situations with people I’m never going to see again. Maybe it’s why I prefer close-knit situations with a small amount of people rather than loads of people. Maybe this highlights that I am becoming definitely more of an introvert?


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You’re broke but don’t wanna be a let-down

I will always find a way, I mean if I’m going out for food there is a 98% chance I’m turning up to eat and not for you.


You have personal admin to do

My personal admin is more important than you sometimes. I mean I have a blog to run, a Netflix account and a full time job. This is more important than you. 😊

You enjoy making plans but when it comes to the actual day you CBA

THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME. I CAN’T EVEN DENY IT. I wish I could go back in time and slap the words ‘Let’s meet up’ out of my WhatsApp conversation or out of my mouth.



What I love most about cancelled plans is the internal joy of being able to spend time with yourself, get some necessary personal admin done, save some money and just do nothing.


I will always say that time is your most important currency and sometimes the best person to spend it with is yourself, nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

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I suppose you’ve read this post and been like ‘Don’t ever make plans with Charlotte’ and you’re probably right and you’re also wondering how I still have friends (me too). It seems to only way for me not to cancel is to make me do an Unbreakable Vow; if I don’t turn up, I will die. That seems pretty fair.


Char xo

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  12. Madeline says:

    This is one of the most relatable pieces of writing I’ve read in a long time. All the above reasons are applicable to me, but mostly, I’m too nice to say no.


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