August 13, 2017

Musings: Office Joys

I wrote a post the other month about the quirks that come along with working in an office. Some may be a little negative but I wouldn’t stay working in an office if I didn’t enjoy it. It’s a place where you meet people of all different backgrounds and experiences, well especially in London!
Here are a few things I actually enjoy from working in an office environment:

Finding your work wife/husband…

You know that one person you can confide in, your deepest darkest work secrets and they’ll always have your back no matter work.

E-mail Banter

Some things will only make sense in the context of your office environment and sending memes around your team may just be one of them. Just remember to check who is copied in the e-mail!

Being hungover together…

The day after the summer or Christmas social when you all have a raging hangover together and someone sends the email ‘What condiment do you want on your bacon sarnie?’ But when one is hungover in the office, one must remember to be safe and watch out for any hazards. This handy graphic is a great way to spot different dangers in an office environment. Just how many can you spot?

Meeting different types of people…

I mentioned this above but working in an office or anywhere really makes you come out of your comfort zone and meet people from all different walks of life. Variety is the spice of life so it is important to get to know your colleagues (but not too much).

The phrase ‘Let’s go to lunch’…

The best time of the day to be honest. But where to go? Nando’s, Pret, the local cafe?

Bonding over alcohol

I always find that when you do go out for work drinks and get to know your colleagues after a few glasses of wine, they start to loosen up. Frankly, some people stop becoming their ‘boring’ selves and seem a little more human.

Casual Friday

The one day of the week where Damien from Accounts ‘dresses down’ is a funny sight to observe.
What are some things you love about your work environment? For things I loathe, take a look at my post here

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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