August 6, 2017

Musings: How to Dress Smart In Clothes that Feel Like PJs

This post is in collaboration with Simon Jersey.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally reached the place in my life where comfort finally is ruling over style. If you’re lucky and have a ‘smart casual’ dress code for work, keep reading, if not, please keep reading. 😊
One of the keys to my own personal happiness is being comfortable in the way I dress. I’ve never been the type to wear heels during the day or constantly fixing my outfit in the mirror, but I do care about looking ‘somewhat’ presentable. Here are a few ways of dressing smart but feeling like you’re wearing pyjamas…
 Pure London

Pencil Skirts

I cannot be bothered to wear a pencil skirt because my hips/bum turns it more into a pencil belt? Walking down the road is an ordeal because slips don’t work. No one wants to see my odd flesh coloured Spanx (which are beige, I’m NC45), at 8.34am in the middle of King’s Cross anyway. However, I have found a brilliant alternative and all it requires is switching the material from the standard polyester to jersey. They don’t roll up whilst walking and they’re super comfortable…

The Jogger

Right, we’ve all seen those articles in Glamour or Elle that encourage us to wear joggers with heels but let’s be real, they’re always shown on a 10-foot tall model who would look good wearing Donald Trump’s toupee. Styling joggers are all about the fit, pattern, and material. I always tend to style mine joggers with gladiator sandals and a loose fitting top and a statement necklace.

Look at all that office space…

The Fit

The key to dressing smart but feeling like you’re wearing pyjamas is all about the fit, creating contrasts and finding out what is comfortable for you. You can never go wrong with jersey or cotton and places like Simon Jersey are great for this. Along with the fit, I always try and play around with…
Pure London


I love anything ribbed, or something that just makes a plain item a little more interest. It also makes them look less like pyjamas too. Next time you’re shopping online the pyjama section, just be sure to zoom in on the item and read the product description to find out a little more.
As I always say when I finish a fashion post, I am no Anna Wintour. I mean sure I went to Fashion Week this year but I’m no more qualified than the next fashion blogger when it comes to outfit choices. Wear what feels comfortable to you. 😊

Char xo

This post is in collaboration with Simon Jersey.

3 responses to “Musings: How to Dress Smart In Clothes that Feel Like PJs”

  1. I really need to start putting a bit of comfort into my wardrobe as well! Loved the comment about the models and Donald Trump’s toupee – so true haha.

    Carla x

  2. shelbrown says:

    I lean more towards comfort, Great article.

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