December 21, 2018

Musings: Shut Up and Drive

Living in London, I have be accustomed to commuting life, too many Ubers and walking from destination but there is something about taking the open road and grabbing the steering wheel like I’m in an action movie that I miss.

When I travel, every now and then I rent a car or have someone drive me around (same thing right) and explore the winding scenery the destination has to offer. Public transport doesn’t go everywhere and it doesn’t run 24/7 either. Having a car gives you the freedom to go at your own pace and stop off in places your legs couldn’t.

The Dominican Republic 

I can’t describe how beautiful the Dominican Republic is. Think Jurassic Park meets Barbados. The lush vegetation and the palm trees. The perfect place to drive right? You’re right. It is.

Los Angeles

A wind down memory lane from my Hey LA series. 

“We grabbed a cab back to our hotel and made a rough plan of what we were going to do that evening. But our Uber driver (Whose name I cannot remember, much like the night before) took us on the scenic route overlooking L.A due to the traffic… This crappy iPhone doesn’t do the sunset justice, but my memories of looking out over the City of Angels will stay with me forever. I can really see why people flock here – there really is something about a Californian sunset.”

“Our amazing Uber driver gave us some interesting insight to the star’s homes. I couldn’t believe how high up and remote everything in the hills were; I guess celebs really do value their privacy. Even though it was early October, much of the Halloween decorations in full swing. If it’s one thing I love about the US, they really know how to do holidays.”


I went to Ireland in the summer of 2009 and one thing I that will always stand out to me is how green it was. Not only that it has some of the most scenic driving landscapes in the world and perfect for those car adverts. I’m not going to lie, I forget about Ireland as a travel destination, but thinking about a previous trip has made me want to go back and explore. It’s underrated for sure and I can only imagine what it’d be like to hire a 4×4 and hit the pedal. Of course, I’m going to need car insurance right?

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Travel quote

Will you be driving more in 2019?

Char xo

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