January 13, 2019

Musings: Why Consistency Is The Key To Anything

We’re almost 14 days into 2019 and most of us have probably fallen off when it comes to New Years resolutions. I missed two gym sessions because I wasn’t in the mood and it got me thinking if I come become consistent in my inconsistencies, this is going to become a bad habit. 

Consistency is the key to anything – being successful in your own right. I am not a master in consistency in the slightest but when it comes to this blog and my travels. Here are a few ways you can implement consistency into your life:

Make a plan

What do you need before you decided to be consistent – a plan. Where do you envision this consistency taking you in 3 month, 6 months, or even a years time? What is it you want to do? Where will it take you and how will it make you successful in your own right?

Plan ahead 

Envisioning yourself once you’ve made a plan will help with this. What tools or resources can you utilise to help you achieve this goal? Don’t feel like you need to spend loads too, we live in the age of the internet where free information is rife. I mean I’m hopefully giving you some useful tools in this blog post.

Diary it

Ask those around you how you can do better

See it as a personal appraisal. Ask your colleagues, friends or family members to give you feedback. Write it down, use it constructively and see what can add value to achieving this goal.

Remind yourself what the end goal is

Being consistent is all about taking the time out to ensure you’re being consistent. 

Whether its blogging, fitness, or honing a skill, now is the time to be consistent. You owe it to yourself. Consistency is the key. All you need is time to make sure it happens.

Or do you?


Wearing a watch is a simple way to stay consistent. It pulls you away from phone and any other distractions you may have whirring in front of you. The London-based watch brand ADEXE is that it is all about self-expression and empowerment. I’ve always stood by wearing a manual watch as this is one of the things that should stay simple in my life – time. I was kindly sent the ‘THEY’ style and I love its minimalist design, it will add a touch of simplicity and edge to my outfits this year. As long as I stay consistent..

You can get 15% off with my code – MEMOIRSMUSINGS15 (Please note, I do not earn anything from this code, just saving you money).

How will you be staying consistent this year?

Char xo 

Please note, this watch was gifted to me by the team at Adexe; all views are my own.

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  1. You are so very right on this subject, it is my biggest failing x

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