June 5, 2019

Memoirs: Birthdays – Why I No Longer Hate Them

Please note, these items were gifted by the team at The Gift Experience.  

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. I wrote a post way back in 2015 titled ‘Why I Dislike My Birthday’. Fast forward 2019, growing up a little and embracing the what life has thrown at me, I’m ready for my next chapter… that being 29. Part of me is like ‘OMG I haven’t achieved anything’ and the other half is like ‘You should be so proud of what you’ve done’. 


This year I wanted to spend my birthday at a spa but spas in London are overpriced (I’m talking £200 plus) so I thought, what is the one thing that makes me happy? Travel of course. So me being me, I booked a flight. There’s nothing like spending your birthday being totally selfish and doing exactly what you want to do… It’s your day after all.

This personalised travel wallet is great for keeping all your essentials safe. I put my passport, important documents and travel money in here for safe keeping. Best of all, you can personalise it with whatever you want, perhaps you have a travel blog name (like me?) or quote you like. You can purchase it here.

I no longer desire to have a huge gathering, inviting people because they’d invited me previously, I want to be still, take in the moment and breathe.

The same goes for my friend’s birthdays. They serve as reminders to celebrate their lives and relish in their company. They’re not there for comparison to as society says we should be doing. I gave the wine glasses below inscribed with lyrics from the legendary Notorious BIG which sum up our love for Hip Hop and a refection of how far we’ve come.

Birthdays was the worst days

Now we sip Champagne when we thirsty

You can find these beautiful Bordeaux glasses here. You didn’t hear it from me but they hold a whole bottle of wine each…

Life is for living, cherish every moment. 

Char xo 

Please note, these items were gifted by the team at The Gift Experience; all views are my own.

One response to “Memoirs: Birthdays – Why I No Longer Hate Them”

  1. Lucy says:

    I had a couple of years where due to my health I didn’t celebrate my birthday as fully as I normally would but then realised every year should be a celebration (of however we want) as we’re so fortunate to be here. Here’s to many more wonderful years for us all xx

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