June 9, 2019

Memoirs: Finding Myself In Florence

Saturday 2nd February 2019


Florence to Pisa by train is €17 for a return journey and roughly a 30-40 minute journey. With trains running every 10 minutes, I couldn’t not make the visit to the city of love. One piece of advice with inter-railing throughout Italy is to always validate your tickets otherwise you risk a fine. I learnt this the hard way from travelling from Venice to Verona. 

How I always start my days…

It was a smooth jouney through the Italian countryside getting from from Pisa to Florence. On first impressions, Florence is definitely much busier than Pisa. Perhaps because there is a little more to do and see than a leaning tower…


The weather wasn’t on my side on this trip, it was wet and windy but Italy is still beautiful either way. Sometimes I’m the kind of traveller that will only explore outdoors and not bother go inside (for shame) but this year I’m trying to do more and see more. Italian art galleries are some of the most beautiful in the entire world and they hold ionic pieces from the Renaissance period, don’t quote me on this though. For now, the closest I can get is framed art from 1Wall.


I was most excited to see the Birth of Venus, which if you’re entirely familiar with, you may recognise from a Simpsons episode:


The Uffizi Gallery is absolutely huge and pre-booking is essential if you want to avoid queueing. I paid around €20 which isn’t too bad considering you can stay there as long as you wish. 

Hack: The first Sunday of every month is free. 

I stayed in the gallery for around 2 hours before the hunger pains kicked in…


The Uffizi Gallery is absolutely huge and pre-booking is essential if you want to avoid queueing. I paid around €20 which isn’t too bad considering you can stay there as long as you wish. 

I’m not gonna lie when travelling solo I tend not to eat loads or I eat very erratically as my main focus is exploring. Anyway, after walking for a little while in search of lunch, I settled on Sgrano as it looked clean, affordable and inviting. If you’re wondering where it is, its at the back of the Uffizi Gallery.

I ordered the bruschetta and the pizza and it was cooked so well. I got chatting to the lovely waitress who commended me for being solo. The more I travel solo the more I become comfortable with myself and doing things alone in general. Going on a group trip is right at the bottom of the list at the moment… 


I walked a little more in search of Florence’s duomo (Cathedral) and the weather got worse but what struck me was how unique the architecture was in Florence. Compared to other places I’d been to in Italy, Florence is definitely the prettiest place I have travelled to, even if it was pouring with rain.

After walking around a little more, I headed back to Florence station to get the train back to Pisa… not before being distracted by SEPHORA… 


I am weak. I was supposed to be on a make up ban but why deny yourself of things that you love plus YOLO.

If you’re wondering what I bought, I went for the Becca Volcano Goddess palette, before getting the train home, grabbing a pizza and chilling out with Netflix.

Why I travel solo in January? 

If I’m honest, this month isn’t good for my mental health. I suffer with January blues hard so having a trip to look forward to always helps. 😀

Travel = Self care

It’s so much cheaper! This whole trip cost me £108 with flights and hotel.

Space and alone time.

Because I can. 

Char xo

Please note this is a collaborative post.

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  1. Bugo says:

    January blues are the worst thing!! Thankful for travel 🙂

    Loved the pictures. I hardly ever visit art galleries or museums; I think I’ve only been to the Louvre in Paris but I might add art to my itinerary going forward x

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