June 9, 2019

Memoirs: Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa – Review

I am not sure if I should do more posts like this, but a huge part of the enjoyment of travelling for me is choosing a hotel. Do I go basic, bouji or stick to a budget? To be honest, I like being bout on a budget and if you plan well, look for a bargain, you too could be living your best life and be the annoying person on your timeline. Kinda like this:

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When choosing my hotel for Ibiza, I was spoilt for choice as the time of year I went was off-peak (late April). However, the one minor setback was that it was a solo trip meaning that I would be footing the whole bill. I guess this the price you pay for peace.

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I settled on the Ibiza Corso Hotel and Spa which was priced at approx £180 for 4 nights. Ibiza is more expensive than there European islands so do bear this in mind when visiting. 

My main reasons were for booking this hotel were the fact that I could book a single room (it was cheaper than a double), central location and the indoor and outdoor pools. The cost included breakfast which is an added bonus as most hotels are room only/self catering. 

Now lets get down to the actual review shall we:


Huge, clean, modern, artsy.


Remember I booked a single room, right? A single room for a single life *cries* but I got upgraded at check in to a double-room on the third floor facing the marina and Dalt castle in the distance. I didn’t even ask for an upgrade so really cannot complain.

First thoughts about the room was that it was clean, spacious and modern. The bed was comfortable but obviously two single beds pushed together (this is pretty common practice in hotels). 

The balcony was a nice touch and throughout may stay I loved watching the sunrise and sunset.

Plenty of plug points. One of my hacks is to always bring an extension lead so you can plug more things in. 

Ample wardrobe space if you like to unpack and hang your garments. 

The safe is a little old and hard to work. 

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Times – 8am to 11am

Perfect for early-risers or latecomers like me. I find that I hardly eat breakfast on holiday because 1) I can’t be bothered 2) it’s usually 6am to 9am or 7am to 10am and I like a lie in.

The breakfast at the Ibiza Corso Hotel and Spa was fantastic for the following reasons:

Pool time

I didn’t use the spa as some massages were €110 plus and that was more than the cost of my flight… So instead, whilst the weather was unsavoury I used the indoor pool and sauna. It was clean, relaxing and I loved the different jets dotted around the pool. I’m realising now that I can’t control the weather when I travel so I’ll be looking at hotels with indoor pools in future! 

The service at the hotel was fantastic, they were helpful, welcoming and happy to assist where necessary. Ibiza Corso Spa and Hotel is definitely a 4 star hotel and a great place to stay if you want somewhere to relax that isn’t San Antonio. I reckon I need to come back to Ibiza at some point and I would definitely stay here again.

Char xo 

This is not sponsored in any way (I pay for all my own travel), I just wanted to share my experience. 

4 responses to “Memoirs: Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa – Review”

  1. You are so so cool. This looks like a nice place, but what I lov about this post is the fact you’re into solo travelling. It’s something I really want to do, so a blog like this just makes me want to do it even more.

  2. Kat says:

    That’s so good that you were able to book a single room, but even better than you got a free upgrade! I try to find nice places that are within my budget. I used to hostel it everywhere, but now that I’m old I like having a bit of my own space! I feel like I need a trip to Ibiza soon.

  3. lauren says:

    That hotel is beyond gorgeous! Hope you had a great time xx

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