June 16, 2019

Musings: Make More Money To Travel

This is a guest post from the “wonderful” Jon at The Money Shed (your money saving resource).

If there’s one thing that travel bloggers end up making you feel it’s that you should be booking MORE holidays. In fact I wouldn’t even say it’s exclusive to just travel bloggers! I can be sat there on a Sunday evening scrolling through Instagram and half the people I follow seem to be sunning it far hotter climates than I’m in.

This got me thinking that there really is only one way to have more holidays in your life and that’s to bring in more money.

For some they might do that by changing job or reducing the amount of money they spend each month on what could be classed as ‘Luxury’ items which would free up some cash for them to spend.
But there is another way!

Now for the majority of people when the decide to venture into the ‘making money from home’ world they tend to get quite a negative experience at first. 

I find it generally goes one of three ways.

  1. They get lured in by websites offering them ‘easy ways to make money from home’ but only if you sign up to their £99 ‘earn money from home’ course!
  2. After a bit of Googling all they find are ways to earn 50p doing surveys online or click sites like swaybacks paying your pennies for your time.
  3. The #bossbabe crew hit them up on Facebook as soon as they post asking for ways to earn money from home. They get approached to join any one of the Multi Level Marketing companies around such as Avon, Forever Living or Younique and are told they only need to pay £69 for the Starter Pack and their lives will be changed forever!

My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed. It’s the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home and with over 7000 members and over 145,000 posts on our forum we help everyone from beginners just started out to seasoned pros bringing in over £1000+ a month. Unlike other similar sites of Facebook groups we tend to specialise in HIGH PAYING work rather than just surveys that pay 50p for half an hour of your time or low paying click sites like Swagbucks.
So what are some of the EASIEST ways you can earn decent money from home and get those sunnier times booked!

  1. Web Search Evaluator Work with Appen (£600+ a month)

Ever put a search term into Google and not been happy with the results? Well with Appen you are helping to improve the results that search engines put out. So if someone looks up the term ‘Football’ they don’t get any results showing ‘Tennis’.

There is a 3 part entrance exam which requires a little bit of studying from their guidelines so it’s something you will want to dedicate a bit of time to and once you’ve passed you will be able to login and work whenever you want. The work pays more than the UK Minimum wage and you are paid every 30 days. It’s a great work opportunity for those that can spare maybe an hour or two a day to do this as the money will REALLY add up!

2) Website testing with uTest (£200+ a month)
Everyone has their favourite websites. Sometimes we gravitate to them because of the layout or the functionality but we carry on returning to them no matter what! Working for uTest you will be helping to look for bugs and glitches in specific websites (and apps sometimes!). Just like the previous opportunity you can login and work whenever you want. Someone on The Money Shed made over $20,000 on there during last year alone so the money is there if you want to grab it!

3) Risk Free Matched Betting (£600+ a month) 
Perhaps the ‘Holy Grail’ of earning money from home. Risk Free Matched Betting has been around for years. I’ve made over £30,000 in tax free cash from it and It’s paid for (amongst other things) 3 holidays to Florida for my family! Matched Betting is simply taking advantage of the ENDLESS ‘free bet’ offers that sports betting websites give out. You can do it anytime you want and ‘time wise’ it just takes a few minutes each time you do it so the rate of pay per hour is THROUGH THE ROOF!

So with these three alone that’s an extra £1400 a month you can bring in which means you will be boogying in Barbarous before you know it!
As ever if you fancy finding other ways to earn money from home then pop over to The Money Shed and let’s help get your next holiday booked!

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