June 18, 2019

Memoirs: Calligraphy & Nuptials with Pandora – Event Roundup

If you’re not familiar with the Pandora brand, where have you been? You’ve probably scrolled past someone wearing a piece on your timeline or strolled past someone wearing a piece in real life. Pandora pieces are easily identifiable by its hand-finished charms, bracelets, rings and pendants in a range of sizes and finishes.

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Whether you’re a bride to be, a bridesmaid or bride inspired, the wedding collection has something for everyone. I have a few weddings this summer and even as I guest there is something for me. What I love most is how versatile every piece is and how you can customise it fit your own personal style. If you want to be a little more understated there are simple pieces, or if you want to go all out you’ll bet happy to know everything can be layered. You don’t even need to worry about sticking to a particular metal as they all compliment each other well. Just look: 

The bridesmaid gifts collection can be seen here and the necklaces  can be seen here.


The event took place in the gorgeous private dining room of The Ivy Tower Bridge. The food is exceptional, the staff are attentive and don’t get me started on the decor…

Photo c/o The Pandora team

Photo c/o The Pandora team


This is way harder than it looks believe me. Not even a glass of wine helped. We were shown how to write or names or a particular phrase in the beautiful lettering art known as calligraphy by the team at London Calligraphy. 

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[invite] Last week was so much fun with the @theofficialpandora team and lots of other bloggers. It involved my failed attempt at calligraphy , canapés and seeing the new wedding collection 😍 🥂 #PANDORA . . . . #pandora #charms #bracelet #wedding #floral #spring #summer #weddings #lblogger #lifestyleblogger #canapes #theivy #theivychelsea #instagramers #igdaily #fblogger #fashion #accessories #silver #diamonds #iphonexsmax #bloggerstribe #blogginggals #fblchat

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There is so much skill and art that goes into it rather than just tracing letters like you would do as a child. From therapy you hold your pen to the way your join the letters, practice makes perfect. Calligraphy is one of those rare art forms that will be around forever, hopefully like a marriage, right? 

What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora wedding collection? Will you be saying ‘I do’ to the online checkout? 

Guess what I saw on the way home…

I do.

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Char xo

Please note, I have been kindly gifted some items from Pandora but of course all views are my own. Thank you for reading! 

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