November 1, 2019

Memoirs: The Importance of Memories

Please note, this product was sent for my review. 

In this day and age, most of us just upload things to Instagram, add a few hashtags and that’s it. Do we ever take a moment to stop, take things in and reflect? Or are we constantly looking forward to the next thing that will seemingly enhance or improve our lives? I know I am. Taking the time to embrace the present is key.

Even the not so perfect photos have a right to be printed! I’ve always said that candid, raw images are much more memorable than the staged modelesque photos. 

When it comes to taking photos, having a printer on hand is a great way to keep the memories alive. I was kindly gifted the Epson EcoTank to review and it’s made me think about the purpose of why I actually take photos. Memories should not only be in your mind but they should be tangible too. 

“Cartridge-free printing with the Epson EcoTank is a larger upfront cost in the beginning, but comes equipped with 88 cartridges work of printer ink, or enough ink to print 14,000 pages, and will spare you up to £1,000 that can be spend on the day to day living costs”.

Charlie de la Haye, Press release

Being able to print up to 14,000 pages from the get-go means I don’t just have to print photos, it means I can get creative too and cut down the cost of printing in internet cafes or libraries. I remember being charged £1 to print a single page of A4 paper, black and white at that (daylight robbery).

As a frequent traveller and loving family member (I’d like to think I am), here are a couple of ways I can use the EcoTank:

–             Passport copy (This is an absolute must in the instance my passport goes missing)

–             Itinerary (Hotel, flight and transfer confirmations)

–             Phrasebook (Make a handy guide of useful phrases in the country I am travelling to)

–             A map (In the instance my phone decides not to work or I am in an area with no data)

–             Invitations (For any future weddings or baby showers)

–             Signs (Passive aggressive notes on my fridge to not eat my leftovers).

From a techy perspective you can print via the following

Not only is the Epson EcoTank sleek in design it saves up to 90% on the cost of ink, which is especially helpful considering we want to spend more on flights, right? As we’re in the run up to Christmas the talk around spending money on gifts can be overwhelming especially as we’re not all made of money. Instead, the focus should be on the meaning of the gifts. I know this year I’ll be going down the do-it-yourself route as a protest against this. Receiving a framed photo or personalised keyring is much more memorable than another jumper you’re likely to outgrow in a year or two.

How do you hold on to memories?

Char xo

Please note, this product was sent for my review; all views are my own. 

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