November 13, 2019

Musings: The Importance of Rest

Please note, the Spa Experience treatment and Sara Miller beauty box were gifted. 

As I write this post I’m currently recovering from a rare bout of food poisoning. I usually have a stomach of steel but the universe had other plans for me. Let’s just say I’ve typed the word ‘orifice’ into my phone way too much in the past 24 hours. Life comes at you fast, right? 

Anyway, in the midst of this sickness it got me thinking about the importance of rest. Are us millenials working too hard to gain financial freedom or some semblance of independence? Where has the hustle hard mindset come from? Is the 2008 recession to blame? 

I’m not saying it having a hustle mindset isn’t a good thing but the whole ‘no sleep’ mentality is incredibly damaging and it’s only the pressures of modern life (and society) to blame. House prices are higher than ever. The cost of living is higher than ever. And guess what, everything else is higher than ever. 

Beating That Burnt Out Feeling

I would equate burning out to feeling like I’ve lost my shine. It’s a state of being so overwhelmed with life, work etc that the spark disappears and you just become the smoke slowly fading away. 

When you’re feeling burn out it’s important to take a step back, take a break and make small steps to re-engage. Don’t make lists for the sake of making lists. Go in with intention, purpose and the motivation to do better and be better.  

Looking After Yourself

I was recently invited to try out Spa Experience facilities at Kensington Leisure centre and it gave me the relaxation I needed during a stressful week. I was greeted by the lovely staff and shown to the thermal spa to relax before my treatment. Of course being a content creator meant I needed to take my phone in with me but once I was done taking my photos I mentally shut off.

Not everything needs to be responded to in the moment. Taking time just o be, be mindful and empty your mind is so key. Do you ever feel like you have too many tabs open? Thats what modern life does to you.

The thermal spa facilities are a great and inexpensive way to de-stress especially in the run up to the festive season.  

The full body massage was absolutely incredible, I’ve never felt so relaxed. Daily stress builds up knots and tension across my body and it was great to feel weightless if only for an hour. I will be back.

– Me

All I can say is book the massage. Other than instant relaxation, it has a ton of benefits if done regularly like: less stress, improved circulation, 

Spa Experience offer 30% off your treatment every Tuesday with the code TREAT30. 


When I travel I feel like it’s one of the few times I can truly ~chill out~. My phone isn’t constantly going ping ping ping and I relish at the chance of immersing myself in another culture for a few days. 

“I love booking holidays. The excitement it gives me is unreal, from recording it in my Countdown app or creating moodboards on Pinterest. Travel is my vice. I truly believe that if travelling was free, you would never see me again. I would be updating this blog from somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean sipping cocktails and not worrying about my old life back in London…oh hey Fiji…”

Read more – Why Travel Is My Vice 

Self Care Whilst Travelling 

Whilst on the go I love to take beauty and skincare products with me that epitomise luxury. There is nothing more I love than coming back to my hotel room after a long day exploring and chilling out. Looking after yourself by doing things that make you feel good is a form of rest or as we call it these days – SELF CARE. 

Best of all, even when I come home I can still feel like I’m holiday with the scent of the blue lotus, watermelon and shea butter lip balm. The shea butter keeps my lips moisturised all year round and creates the perfect base for lipstick or protection from winter’s chill. 

A delicious watermelon flavoured lip balm, with skin-soothing vitamin E, blue lotus flower extract, shea butter and babassu oil to leave lips soft and moisturized. Presented in a luxurious gift box, making it the perfect stocking filler – or an indulgent treat for yourself!

Now I don’t know about you but but skin also needs rest when I travel and when I’m home. That means I need to be lathered in moisture and one that smells good at that…

Delicately scented Moroccan rose petal set amongst sensual patchouli, energised with bursts of ripened cassis and raspberry on a velvety base of oriental anise and warm amber. A deeply moisturising, ultra-rich blend of shea butter, super hydrating babassu oil and meadowfoam seed oil, combined with bamboo and white tea extract to create this lightweight whipped body cream. Rich in anti-oxidant vitamin E with hyaluronic acid give a silky soothing sensation on the skin without leaving it greasy.

Giving Yourself Fake Deadlines 

I always find I can meet certain expectations if I give myself ‘fake’ deadlines. Say for example you want to write a piece of content that is seasonal or topical. Do it ahead of time (e.g a week before) and allow yourself to breathe, make mistakes and not feel that impending deadline of doom feeling. This can apply to anything in life, not just work! 

The Hustle Hotline 

Episode 9 of my podcast, The Hustle Hotline, ‘Why I’m Tired’ pretty much sums up this whole post. Millenial burnout is real, we’re too hard on ourselves. We can have all the self care apps in the world but you need to get in to the right mindset and right routine. 

How does not having enough rest affect you? 

Read more:

Char xo 

Please note, the Spa Experience treatment and Sara Miller beauty box were gifted. All views are my own. 

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