July 16, 2020

Musings: Summer Haircare Tips

The past few months have made us face our hair demons in the form of bad roots, DIY trims and trying new hairstyles to pass the time. We may have spent the beginning of summer inside but as the world is slowly beginning to open up once more, we can begin to enjoy all it has to offer once again… even if it is from a distance. 

Go sulphate-free and silicone free


If you have dry or frizzy prone hair, you should seriously consider making the switch to sulphate and silicone-free shampoos. They don’t strip your hair and instead keep the natural oils locked in and encourage more moisture. Given the sun can leave our hair feeling dry and brittle, this is one to consider on your next shampoo shopping trip. Most shampoo brands are doing a good job at the moment of labelling their products clearly, so you need not worry about squinting over the ingredients list.

Check out my review of the WNt range here.

Say goodbye to over-styling 

Summer is the best time to ditch the styling tools and go for the less is more approach. And with random bouts of humidity in summer, the air moisture can make your styles ‘expand’. Think Monica from Friends on their trip to Barbados. If only she had some summer hair care tips then? 

Put the straighteners away or slowly wean yourself off of them. Your hair will thank you in the long-run!

Bye straighteners!
Hello curls!

Wear your face mask and invest in a hair mask 

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news or reading up on the latest government guidelines, you near to wear face masks on public transport and shops for the foreseeable future. 


Whilst I’m on the topic of masks, why not invest in a hair mask? Again, there are so many different ones out there dependent on your hair type and need. I recommend starting in your kitchen, open the fridge or your pantry and see what could work for your hair. Some things that always work are avocados, oatmeal, olive oil, beer (for shine), coconut oil and honey. 

If all else fails, order some online. 

Post trim locks!

Keep it trim

Do not make mistake length for health. It is recommended you trim your hair every eight to twelve weeks to get rid of split ends and encourage growth. Of course, that depends on your hair texture and type but it is always good to remember, your ends are the oldest bits of your hair! It may even be worth keeping a hair diary of your good and bad hair days; getting to know and understand your hair will determine how often it needs a snip (or not). 

What hair care techniques have been working for you during lockdown? 

Have you had your post-quarantine hairdresser visit yet?

 Let me know by commenting below. 

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Please note, this post is in collaboration with Melissa Salons; all views are my own. 

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