July 11, 2020

Musings: 30 Lessons Before 30

A series of musings I’ve come across throughout my life, here are 30 lessons I’ve learnt before turning 30. *insert grandma emoji here*
  1. Say no to opportunities that don’t align with your morals/spirit/personal brand values. 
  2. Insecurities make people do dumb shit. Yes, this is a dig at an ex. 
  3. Relationships come and go. Think of them as season/reason/lifetime. Someone will be in your life for a season (e.g university or school), a reason (to teach you some shit), or a lifetime (the solid ones). 
  4. Try new things! Life is too short to stick to what you know or what you are ‘comfortable’ with. This might contradict slightly with lesson 1.
  5. If you can’t find your ‘community’, start one – online or in person. 
  6. Document your experiences through journalling, blog, photos, Instagram etc.
  7. Put the camera down and take it all in. A sunset never looks as good on camera as it does with your eyes.
  8. Don’t be afraid to slide in the DMs. I have made some of the best friendships online, one of them I have travelled with and the other I now have a podcast with. It’s called The Hustle Hotline if you were wondering. 
  9. Heartbreak comes in many forms but it makes you stronger. 
  10. Put the work in. If it means late nights and tasteless ramen noodles, it’s a sacrifice in the long-run.
  11. Save. I’m not a financial expert but saving is crucial in this climate especially as we’re heading for another recession. 
  12. Communication is key. You can never guess what is going on in someone’s head or how they are feeling. 
  13. Comparison is the enemy of joy. The time you waste comparing yourself to others could be spent on yourself. 
  14. Start a side hustle. Multiple income streams are never a bad thing. 
  15. Exercise in a way that works for you. Don’t like the gym? Don’t go. Try dancing, sport or running away from your problems. 
  16. People are disappointing. As much as you may want to see the good in everyone, it is inevitable that people will hurt or disappoint you. There is a lesson in everything.  
  17. Mental health is EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this enough. 
  18. Silence is underrated. Not every moment needs to be filled with noise. 
  19. Travel as much as you can. 
  20. Travel far enough to meet yourself. 
  21. Travel solo. Travel as a group. Travel. 
  22. Don’t put off that appointment due to embarrassment. Health is wealth. 
  23. Support. This is one I’m a stickler for. If your friend starts a business, buy the product or service. Even if you don’t use it, gift it to someone else or spread the word. If your friend wants to start a rap career and they’re not any good, that’s on you to stand by them… 
  24. Don’t be afraid to job-hop. If you’re unhappy in a job, leave or make an exit-strategy whilst you look for something else. Don’t be afraid to flip industries or sectors either, it’s all about re-purposing your experience. 
  25. Start the blog, start the business, start the Instagram page. START BY STARTING.
  26. Find out what you’re allergic or intolerant to. *Laughs in lactose intolerance*
  27. Treat yourself (big and small). You deserve it. 
  28. Luxury is a state of mind.
  29. Everyone has different benchmarks and barometers for success. For some it’s owning a house, others it’s having a family or successful business. For me, it’s happiness in whatever I’m doing. Don’t judge someone else’s success by your ‘success standards’. Life isn’t a competition. 
  30. Stop expecting YOU from other people. 

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