July 20, 2020

Musings: The 5 Trips You’ll Need Post Pandemic

Please note, this post is in collaboration with GuestReady.

The future of travel is uncertain at the moment. There is so much that is hanging in the air and whilst the air may be cleaner and clearer, we need to be aware that Covid-19 will have an impact on the way we travel in the future. 

I wrote about my thoughts on post-pandemic travel here and, well, at this point everything is a guessing game. The world is not ours and we all need to think like that going forward. However, that doesn’t mean the travel industry is not recovering. With borders slowly opening up and travel restrictions easing, leisure travel will certainly be possible in the next few months. As long as we stick to government guidelines and advice, we will all be able to have a taste of summer, even if it is in our own backyard. 

If you’re planning ahead though, I have come up with 5 types of trips you (and I) will need post-pandemic. 

The Silent Retreat

Get back and give back to nature. 

We’ve been bombarded with communication since this whole thing started, if it’s not the constant Zoom invitations, it’s the surprise FaceTime calls. We may all be socially distant but after this you may want to distance yourself socially. A silent retreat will give you just that – the time, the space and silence to just retreat. 

Most silent retreats require you to hand in any form of technology on arrival. Whilst this may seem alien in an era of always being “plugged in” and online, it’s absolutely necessary. How can you really take the time to reflect if you need to update the entire world about it? 

*Opens Twitter* 

If you don’t want to start at the deep end, start with a three day retreat. They don’t have to be far from home either and with domestic travel likely to be on the rise, you can experience tranquility in your backyard. 

Rest. Reflect. Relax. A silent retreat would pluck you out of your everyday life and give you time to be with you. Post-pandemic 

The Girls or Guys Trip

Will social distancing still apply? This is a very valid question. Imagine being able to go away with your pals but you had to stay 1.5-2 metres away at all times, would you still go? 

One day we will be able to hug our nearest and dearest just like old times. For now the social distancing measures may still apply but that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan your squad’s next trip. Will it be a house in the country? A villa abroad? Or perhaps an Airbnb somewhere near where you all live. 

Read my blog post on the peaks and pits of planning a group trip here.

You may even have your own property fit to be an Airbnb or holiday home. If you do, I am very jealous and you may even consider an Airbnb management service to help you manage things and increase your income potential. I know I would! 

Whilst things get back to a “new” normal at least, consider a staycation with friends in the countryside, where you’ll have the fresh country air and room to make as much noise as you want. After all this, I’m sure we will all want to go to a random field and scream. 

The All Inclusive Resort “Do Nothing” Trip

Go alone, go with your family, go with your partner. This is the kind of vacation you go on to do absolutely nothing. Sure you may go on a few excursions but the main aim of this is rest, recharge, and relax and up those vitamin D levels. 

See you on the beach.

“With over 40,000 properties available for booking, London’s vacation rental market is one of the biggest in Europe. Favoured by tourists and business travelers alike, these properties enjoy high and ever-increasing levels of occupancy year-round.” 
– Steffan Maagefelt, Guestready Country Manager UK 

The Bucketlist Trip

This is the trip you’ve been saving for your entire life. You know the one you dream of when someone asks you the question ‘Where have you always wanted to go? This is it. Perhaps it’s a safari in Kenya or seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland – it’s time to make those dreams come true, you owe it to yourself. 

The City Break

I have saved the best until last – the city break. After being locked down in your hometown for ten weeks plus, I can only imagine how much you want to visit somewhere that isn’t home. For those of you in the UK, France is an easy and affordable option, especially with so many destinations in one country. If you’re in need of topping up your tan or indulging in some good wine, (anywhere in France is good for one to be honest, why not try Bordeaux or Lyon?

Cannes or LA?

If you need some inspiration, check out my weekend in Cannes and Monaco trip here. 

All in all, we will all need some kind of break after this whether you were on the frontline, working in retail, or simply working from home and dealing with kids – we deserve a break. 

What type of trip do you think you’ll need post-pandemic? 

Char xo

Please note, this post is in collaboration with GuestReady; all views are my own.  

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  1. There is a few here that I would want to do but I think the first one would be the silent retreat.

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