July 21, 2020

Musings: Influencer Stereotypes And Where To Find Them

This post was inspired by the Influencers in the wild Instagram account and some of the things I’ve been seeing online during the lockdown period. Influencers tend a bad rep at times and half of it is because ‘some’ don’t understand what ‘we’ do (which I completely get).

The term ‘influencer’ does raise an awful lot of questions – who is an influencer and who is influential?

I personally am neither as I consider myself someone who likes creating content, whether I influence my audience is entirely subjective. 

So, here is a brain dump of influencer stereotypes and where to find them. 

If I’ve missed out any niches, I am sorry. 

Beauty and Skinfluencers

The ‘OMG I’m so obsessed with all my new PR products that I’ve only tried once’  

Can you really be obsessed with products you’ve only tried once? In an age of undisclosed ads and influencers wanting to make big bucks, it’s hard to *trust* some of them. In my opinion, skincare should be tried for a few months before recommending it. This influencer seems to have brand partnerships with competitors and PR hauls for days. Can you really trust their recommendations?

The Dramatic One 

They are for some reason at the centre of every drama and we’re not quite sure why. They’ve down a countless number of YouTube videos explaining what the ‘drama’ is and how they’ve been hurt but they never admit the problem is them. Somehow they manage to keep all their brand partnerships though, because all publicity is good publicity, right?

The Contoursaurus Rex

You’re not quite sure what their face shape is but all their content is of them mapping out their face like Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The Sheet-masker 

You wonder if they have more sheet masks than friends. You’ve never actually seen their face but they’ve somehow influenced you to purchase more sheet-masks than one person could possibly get through in a lifetime.

Fashion Influencers

The Fast-Fashion Co-ord Creep 

This is the one who has partnerships with PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, Missguided, Fashionova to name but a few. Their armour is a co-ord and you’ll never catch in the same outfit twice. They might as well change their username to a discount code. When the time comes to talk about sustainability, they are nowhere to be seen. 

Pure London

The Sustainable Bae 

This influencer is always encouraging you to wear shop less and wear more. They’re always at war with the ‘The Fast-Fashion Co-ord Creep’ and sometimes don’t seem to understand that we can’t all afford to shop sustainably all the time. 

The Designer Dealer

This influencer offends in Fendi. We’re not sure if their wardrobe is full of genuine fakes or if they’re buying *all* of those clothes. They wouldn’t be caught dead in anything thrifted or high-street and caption their photos with rap lyrics mentioning designer brands. Them and the Fine Dining Fanatic are best friends.

Foodie Influencers

The Street Food Friend 

Is this one a stereotype, I’m not quite sure, but they always know the *spots* when in town or travelling. They spend ages getting the perfect foodie shot and they’re the reason you’ve started making chicken tikka lasagne at 3am. 

The ‘I have a recipe for that’ influencer

During the sourdough bread phase of lockdown, this influencer thrived. Since then, they’ve started their own online cooking show and every other Instagram story they post is a recipe you’ll screenshot but never try.

The Fine Dining Fanatic

If it doesn’t have a Michelin star or celebrities falling out of the restaurant, they don’t want it. Their captions lack depth other than ‘[insert restaurant name] – Thank you for having us’.

Side note – I would like to be this influencer.

Travel Influencers

The Bali Babe

This is the one who won’t shut up about Bali. If they aren’t talking about their Bali breakfast in the pool, it’s how frightening the swing was or the co-working cafes spread out across the island. Sometimes Eat, Pray and Shut Up.

The Country Counter

This is the one who has [insert country amount] out of 195 countries in their bio. Every single post they upload starts with ‘in country number 4049494, I found myself’. When you meet them in person they’ll obnoxiously ask you many countries you’ve have been to so they can access how much respect to give you. I met someone like this at a travel conference a few years ago and it inspired me to write this post.

The Hostel Hopper

This is the one who puts down those who choose to stay in luxury accommodation because they’re obsessed with spending the night with bed bugs. It could never be me. They’re likely to do sponsored ads for Hostel World and Generator World.

Check out my post on 7 reasons not to stay in a hostel here. 

The Luxury Lover

This is the influencer we all love to hate. They live life lavishly and only stay in five star hotels. When you Google how much it costs to stay the night in one of the hotels they’ve been given a sponsored stay your right eye starts to twitch. Their posts are often captioned with ‘it’s a lifestyle’. Never pair them with the Hostel Hopper on a press trip. 

The Backpacking Adventurer 

Not necessarily a backpacker and not necessarily an adventurer but somewhere in the middle. You can find this one doing absolutely anything to get the *shot*, even if it means trespassing, hanging out of a moving vehicle, or disrespecting the locals. Their comment sections are filled with trolls dragging them and their fans praising them.

Read more: If celebrities were travel influencers

Hair Influencers 

The Naturalista 

This is the one who has 19308493 videos about the wash and go technique, why [x] brand is cancelled, why you shouldn’t do [x] this to your hair, and why length isn’t health. They are usually good vibes until a brand they use is cancelled and they lose a partnership. 

I occasionally write hair care, see here.

‘General’ Influencers 

The Performative Person 

This the one who jumps on the bandwagon on every single injustice that happens to be trending at a particular time. They posted a black square a few weeks ago because everyone else was doing so but now they’ve archived it and gone back to ignoring the issue and pretending a pandemic isn’t happening. If any ‘new’ injustice becomes topical, they are quick to jump on their stories to complain or do an hour-long Instagram live about why it’s an issue and how much it has affected them. We can also call them the Cancel Culture Connoisseur. 

Home and Interiors Influencers 

I am not well versed in the home and interiors niche but here are a few we’ve all seen on the timeline. 

The Crushed Velvet Furniture Fiend 


The ‘Cleanfluencer’

Who knew ‘tap to tidy’ would be so much fun? 

The Plantfluencer 

You wonder if they actually live in Kew Gardens. All their plants have names, personalities and a special place in their hearts. 

The Pet Influencers

The Pampered Pooch 

The pup has more followers than Jesus. 

The Cute Kitty 

Everyone loves an influencer cat, remember Grumpy cat? Bless his soul. If you’re looking for another income stream, your family cat may just be it. Or if all else fails, I’m sure there is a stray in your neighbourhood.

What ones have I missed out? Comment below and let me know. 

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Char xo 

5 responses to “Musings: Influencer Stereotypes And Where To Find Them”

  1. Nadiene says:

    😂😂😂😂 still annoyed with City boy Charlie though

  2. Bugo says:

    Hahahaha you did travel influencers badddd!! The country counter one made me laugh so loudly. As if I have told you my story of the lady who walked up to me when I had just started my blog (at a travel blogger event), in the middle of our chat, she asked how many countries I had been to. At the time i didn’t know it was a thing so I started trying to count and I could see her face look at me like I might have been lying that I genuinely didn’t know. LMAO! This was a fun read x

  3. I’m screaming about every one of these, and your descriptions 😂

  4. The Lavender Barn says:

    Omg girl I’m dying, I’m convinced I’m a bit of all of them although luxe travel is yet to be owned! This is a brilliant piece and sooo accurate x

  5. Lucy says:

    I have too met travel w*nkers before who boast about all the countries they’ve visited and the 136 trips they have booked for the year ahead *sigh*

    The Crushed Velvet Furniture Fiend one especially made me laugh as I’ve actually written a blog post on how much I hate crushed velvet! *shudders*

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