June 20, 2016

Memoirs: Bloggers Ball – Event Roundup

This past weekend I attended and helped out at Bloggers Ball, set up by the fantastic Scarlett London. I don’t know how she does it – planning an event on this scale, as well as blogging and living your everyday life – it is definitely a lot to take on. In essence, it is a lot like planning your wedding day, but in this case for 200 bloggers, walking down an aisle of fantastic brands in a London nightclub.

DSTRKT nightclub is a stone throw away from Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square stations, down a small side street, tucked away but peering out at the hustle and bustle of all the tourists. There is something odd about being in a nightclub during the day – no overpriced drinks, no sweaty walls and no grabby men – if anything, it was perfect.
Here are a few of the brands I had the pleasure of speaking with…

On the Beach

Seeing that my blog seems to be predominantly travel-related at the moment, I was excited to meet the team behind On the Beach holidays. It was great to talk travel and get some holiday inspiration all whilst learning that I could leave a deposit and pay off bit by bit. This is great because there is nothing worse than feeling the potent sting after spending a month’s salary on a holiday! I will definitely considering this for my next vacation – where to… who knows?
I’m on my healthy living lifestyle every single Monday, and every single Friday I’m usually like … ‘it’s FAT FRIDAY I’m eating that kebab’. It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? I really need to stop because the uncomfortable feeling of having to order a size up in jeans or not wanting to go out due to low self-esteem isn’t fun. BUT… I have found a temporary solution for this problem… Chin Up. Sometimes contouring just doesn’t work (especially in the heat of summer, I cannot bear to map out my face and layer on the Sleek contour kit). Chin Up might just be for me as from being shown client examples, it is proven to lose 2 centimetres off your chin. Will this reduce my 3pm Kit Kat double-chin for a few days? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO. I cannot wait to try this out instead of doing chin ups.
Eversfield Organic Farm Devon: Roam & Relish
I know bloggers love food (well at least I do; hence the need for ChinUp), but it was interesting to speak to a brand that sold food items that didn’t solely focus on ‘THIS IS HEALTHY BLAH BLAH BLAH’ mantra. In 2016, there is so much choice with food, so many brands and so many ill-informed opinions (most likely mine included), I guess it is all down to personal preference at the end of the day and what works for you and your lifestyle.
After trying a sample of Roam and Relish organic pastrami, I was in love – you could taste the quality of the meat straightaway. I find most pastrami meats watered down and almost taste artificial… but this wasn’t. It was great to hear about the origins of the brand (based down in Devon) and the fact that the UK can produce quality charcuterie in comparison to Spain and Italy. Since I’ve written this post I can confirm I’ve eaten the whole packet of pastrami (photographed above)…
I’ve never personally suffered with cold sores (I almost wrote coleslaw, yes I’ve personally suffered with those…), but I know friends who have, especially in the winter time. I will be passing on my sample to one of them to try this Winter or Summer because who knows with this myth of a UK summer. I was also kindly allowed to pick out a lipstick and was in awe at the amount of choice, but being a nude kinda girl, I opted for Coffee Shimmer. I reckon this would look great with Mac‘s Pro lip pencil in Morning Coffee (a dark brown) for
that 90s look I am living for lately.
As a woman of colour (NC45 to be precise), I find that at events, when it comes to women of colour, products are limited, finished or don’t actually exist. This wasn’t at all the case with Exuviance, I was even a little shocked to see their vast foundation range and the lady on the stand let me try one out. After trying it on the back of my hand, it was a perfect match (I always know this when it blends it with my skin tone seamlessly) and was kindly allowed to take a sample size in True Mahogany home. I noted that it had no scent (which I’m a huge fan of when it comes to foundations) and was happy to hear it had been extensively dermatologically tested. I also loved the foundation she was wearing and just at how sheer it was, she looked like herself, just better. For me, this is how a foundation should look and I should save the heavy coverage (or a few more drops) for a night out.
El Voyage
After feeling one of their products, I can confirm that the quality is fantastic and worth every single penny. As a keen traveller (well I like to think I am); I love multi-purpose products and after learning about El Voyage collection of scarves I really love the passion behind their brand. Each piece takes days to make in the distant land of Guatemala and each design is unique. I loved the diversity of the scarves and it doubled as a blanket, sarong, dress, skirt or even a towel. This would be perfect for travelling to hot or cold destinations as it was lighten your load, leaving more room for keepsakes and memories (CHEESY).
Have you ever plugged in an old external hard drive to find it doesn’t work and you’ve lost all your photos? This has happened to me TWICE – what I did to deserve this curse, I don’t know. Since then, I’ve used Dropbox but I know it’s time to invest in something much better quality and finally do the task I’ve been putting off and back up my MacBook. It’ll probably be the highlight of 2016 but it needs to be done *hires intern*. But in all seriousness, WD is a fantastic brand and I was lucky enough to be gifted a 2TB portable drive after hunting down a coaster with a golden star (don’t ask). All I need to do now is block out a weekend and get this personal s-admin done.
Smooth Skin IPL
I’m sick of shaving, I’m done with personal admin; shaving is basically another reminder that part of being a human is constant self-maintenance. Women’s razors are terrible, often are terrible quality, more expensive than men’s groom products and I wonder if all the money is pumped into making them pink and pretty instead of actually useful. Smooth Skin IPL promises that you’ll be smooth in 12 weeks time with minimal top up required – If this isn’t the key to smooth skin heaven, what is?
On the Dot
…is going to be the cure to my laziness. Seriously, I choose the click and collect option when doing online shopping, but I’m too lazy to go and pick it up. On the Dot bridges the gap and I cannot wait to give them a try.
Fei Liu Jewellery
I am still obsessed with this choker, the femininity, the fluidity and it’s elegance.
Their pieces are impeccably designed by Fei Liu and I can see why he has won numerous awards!
My hair is curly, dry, thick, frizzy – a mix of afro and my mother’s loose waves, I am always looking for my holy grail product or something for now. I find that once things start going good with a product, my hair starts to act up causing me to spend more money in the search of something new.
Perhaps Vatika will be the solution – I was given a bottle of the Argan shampoo and explain that all ingredients were natural. It is easy to see why this brand has been around for so long, the promote healthy and natural hair; something I can definitely get behind.
…are an accessories retailer and can I just say how amazing this tree was!
 I wish this would grow in my garden. I really enjoyed talking with the team behind ChrisElli as their passion for accessories really came through. They sell independent designers as well as well-known brands in the Brighton shop (which I’m sure I’ve walked past before) and online.
Toad Diaries
The core essence of blogging for me is writing, I mean my photos are crap, but writing is my catharsis. I made a conscious effort this year to write things down and actually finish a notebook for once in my life (that doesn’t relate to work/uni). Toad Diaries allows you create and customise your own diaries, perfect for bloggers, busy parents or anyone who is just plain pedantic.
Face Matters
I’m slowly approaching the darker side of 25 (ew) and I’m wondering if the lines around my eyes just suddenly appeared, or have always been there? I always said at 30 I’m getting botox… but for now – potentially Face Matters might be the answer? Their products are cruelty free, contain collagen and support several charities. Who needs a heavy ad campaign when ethics are the core of your brand? Well done Sally Curson!
Just Beauty UK
Who knew gel nail kits could cost as low as £19.99 for the lamp? This is cheaper than my acrylic mani which I am divorcing myself off of in 2016. I love the look but hate the reality of long nails and the maintenance – I think from reading this post, everyone is going to think I’m lazy…
YES I AM – because lazy people find quicker ways of doing things, by 1) Not doing them or 2) bridging a gap. Just Beauty UK is haven for beauty junkies like me and their Mylee gel nail kit is next on my wish-list. Thanks so much for the lovely gift-bag too!
…are based in the North of England but with online shopping these days, proximity means nothing. I was intrigued at what brands Tessuti stocked and was excited to have a browse come payday.
What I loved most was my conversation with the lady on stand where we discussed brand who work with bloggers and what the impact of it is. I come from an angle where I think brands should work/collobrate with smaller bloggers who genuinely have an interest in their brand over large bloggers with huge followings. This is because the content would be much more engaging and authentic. Sometimes it isn’t all about the clicks and conversion rates – isn’t starting a conversation much more meaningful? Whilst you think about that – I’ll be on the Tessuti website staring at my new wardrobe.
The Handbag Spa
I will be keeping The Handbag Spa in mind for when my future bae happens to bless me with the Celine Smile tote bag and I clumsily drop red wine on it to get his attention. But for now, my Michael Kors (the every blogger bag) will get much use from the handbag wipe samples I was given for a summer refresh.
After Bloggers Ball, myself and Jess from FBL were starving, so we walked through the ever busy Leicester Square in search of food… TGIs was a 45 minute wait (NO THANKS), so we opted for Garfunkels instead. Trying to be healthy, I went for fish and chips and obviously washed it down with sticky toffee pudding. Clearly, I have no ounce of self-control, but life is about balance right?
Char xo

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