July 2, 2016

Memoirs: The Bloggers Summer Hangout – Event Roundup

Does Summer even exist in the UK? Because if it does – please send it back.

The dress-code for The Bloggers Summer Hangout was ‘summer garden chic’ and as someone who wears black, grey and navy 24/7, I did just that for this event. Not that I like to be a rebel but in the UK you have to dress for the weather… if it says it will rain, it will pour...

Anyway, enough weather talk…

Last Saturday, I headed on down to The Stand Gallery, located just off the Strand (duh), and barely a minute’s walk from Charing Cross station. as it was also London Pride on the same day I was in awe of all the rainbow decorations from around the area. Having drank too much at previous London Pride weekends – I thought I’d give it a pass this year and catch up with other friends and of course plan some content for the old blog.
Upon entry I was a greeted with a friendly smile and couldn’t wait to get talking to some of the brands. The slushie machine from Cocktail Mania caught my eye and was informed that all I had to do was Tweet my order to be graced with a beautiful cocktail. I went for a mix of everything as life is all about variety right? It was absolutely divine, not too sweet and not too alcoholic and perfect to cool me down as the venue was absolutely roasting. I think it was due to it being to a tight space, uncharacteristically humid outside and lots of bloggers.
After speaking to Cocktail Mania, I then walked over to the opposite stand which was of course for toothpaste… Why do I do this to myself? But truth is, I think I have a 3pm sugar habit because I always find myself reaching for that Kit Kat, Diet Coke or Haribo…
I’ve been fascinated by teeth whitening for a while and also quite dubious because Instagram sells me dreams every single day, I was really interested to hear about the Regenerate Enamel Science brand. It was great to hear the science behind the brand rather than just showing a before/after photo. Once I give this brand a try, I’ll be sure to update you as white teeth don’t happen overnight, these things take time! Time to get brushing and put down the snacks (but not the cocktails!).
After speaking with Charlie at Regenerate, I headed downstairs and discovered a table full of sweets. Seriously, negative energy just follows me…
But Pink Parcel is something positive; they’re a box specifically designed for when Aunt Flo’ is in town. You can choose your dates and have box tailored to your personal preferences to make yourself feel a little better when riding the crimson waves. I was lucky enough to be able to tailor my own box and I opted for a gorgeous Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow duo, a serum, a few other make up/skin care bits and best of all sweets…
After this, I headed back on upstairs and spoke to Posy who co-founded Home Brewtique. This brand describes itself as ‘sophisticated beer, simply crafted’ and I completely agree from listening to the story behind Home Brewtique. Started by two women (in a heavily male-dominated industry), it was great to see that there are niches for everyone and if you want to do something you can. Much like brewing your own beer, it will take roughly a month, but you’ll live with the knowledge that you made it… with enough leftovers to make flapjacks (which were fantastic if I do say so).
Right next to Home Brewtique, was the Sass and Belle stand which I’d been eyeing up since I knew they’d be at Bloggers Summer Hangout. I loved the passport case and vintage luggage set and thought this would also make a great gift (to myself obviously). I also discovered they had a few stores around the UK (two being in Covent Garden), so I can actually have a look in real life as not everything needs to be online. I was given a lovely goody bag with some a parrot-shaped nail file, flamingo glass, pen and notebook – exactly what every wild blogger needs.
I then spoke to Dinkibelle, which specialise in nail wraps and I couldn’t stop staring at one design in particular – the marble. These were absolutely stunning and it was great to hear they’re affordable (£6.99), cruelty-free and take minutes to put on. I’ve vowed to divorce myself from acrylic nails as they ruin my nails and I’m sick of going to the nail shop every 2-3 weeks and spending £15 every time. Not only that – I get bored easily, so nail wraps are a great way to change-up my look without the damage. Not only that they can be cured under a UV light, like the…
Gel Touch kit from United Beauty which I am now an owner of. They asked me if I wanted to have a manicure and of course I obliged if it meant not having to do my nails for a week or two. What got me interested in the product was that you can still use your own nail polishes, it’s all in the gel top-coat and curing under the lamp that set it apart from other kits. Prices started at £19.99 for the mini one (perfect for travelling!) and up to £50 for the full-size kit. In comparison to other kits, Gel Touch makes so much sense as you don’t have to invest in a billion other products!

All in all, The Bloggers Summer Hangout was a fantastic afternoon and it was great to meet and hear the stories behind some lovely brands.

Char xo

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  3. […] would love to try the rest of the range as I think the serum would be great to use everyday to give you that Kardashian shine. Not only that, I used this range […]

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