July 3, 2016

Memoirs: Let’s Get Information

You know when you wake up feeling inspired, happy, full of glee… that’s what a Beyoncé concert does to me. It’s almost a euphoric feeling that can one only experience after being in her presence. I probably sound like the ultimate stan, and so what if I do, but Beyoncé is undoubtedly the greatest performer of this generation.

In context, I’ve seen Bey a fair few times (7 or 8 to be precise), and I knew the Formation World Tour wouldn’t disappoint. Whenever I go to concerts, I really don’t see the point in booking seats, much preferring to be in the midst of the action and getting those ~concert vibes~. I remember the stress of trying to get tickets for the Mrs Carter World Tour and was left empty-handed after the website had crashed, only to get tickets the night before… When getting tickets for the Formation World Tour, I made sure I was signed up to every single pre-sale and fan club to ensure I got them this time round. It might have even involved me signing up for an American Express card…


So after purchasing Golden Circle tickets for Beyoncé for myself and my lil’ hive back in February… it was an eager five month wait until Beysus blessed us with her presence. Until, last night… opening with Formation, B had me wishing my daddy was from Alabama and I had some paper for my gracious revenge. The energy, the vibe and everyone around us was electric. Of course, being a little merry helped but drunk or not, Beyonce makes me reassess my life and my work ethic every time I see her.

I’ve summed up my thoughts of Lemonade in this blog and I’m just so happy I got to see it come together in the flesh. Seeing All Night live gave me all the feels and the raw sexiness that came with the 2014 rendition of Crazy in Love (Basically 50 Shades of Bey) made me wanna buy everything in Agent Provocateur at that very second. Other highlights of the concert was towards the end when B blessed us by performing in a pool of Holy water (Yes, I’m exaggerating), and singing the powerful Freedom. In that moment, I felt invigorated, proud, happy and in awe. I could die tomorrow and be okay with it.


If you didn’t manage to get tickets, I AIN’T SORRY (I need to stop), but you can have a little gander into what you missed with a few videos I snapped last night…

The amount of talent in this very one being is almost superhuman, but I know it doesn’t come without nurturing it. Performing in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium doesn’t come easy and I can’t just go on about Beyoncé when she has a huge team behind her, from her dancers to her band, they all deserve recognition.

The irony of this all is that I’m going back to see Bey tonight to get my edges snatched and get that MONDAY MOTIVATION.

Char xo

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