August 2, 2017

Musings: A Few Reasons I’m Too Old for Wireless Festival

  1. I will constantly complain about the ticket price. Back in 2009 I paid £35… now it’s gone up to £68ish + booking fee.
  2. I want to go for the ‘vibe’. But this ‘vibe’ I’m after is gone or I have to drink myself into it.
  3. Not caring about getting to the front. I’d rather stay near the back in search of this ‘vibe’.
  4. Arriving later. I don’t care about being there when doors open… so I can spend more £?
  5. Kids. EVERYWHERE. Okay more like teens but is it me but are they all badly behaved? *shakes walking stick*
  6. The toilets. I will never get used to port-a-loos. They make me wanna jump in a shower of bleach and never go to a festival again.
  7. I’ve seen most of the line-up. Give me something new, please. Bring out Cher, Tina Turner, Celine and have a DIVA DAY?
  8. Wondering why the food is so shit and how I just paid £10 for a ‘burger’ and chips. The ‘burger’ is probably mechanically removed meat and I’m a fool when drunk.

9. Constantly wanting to be home with a cup of tea.

Most of these points probably apply to all festivals, and yet I will still go in venture of that vibe and hopes of getting into the VIP area. This girl can DREAM.

Char xo

6 responses to “Musings: A Few Reasons I’m Too Old for Wireless Festival”

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  2. Lia says:

    This was me two years ago and the reasons why I wasn’t keen to go again. Unless the artists performing grab my interest. I prefer concerts lol I agreed with every single point. Especially the age group that comes out to these events. I feel so out of place lol

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