October 8, 2017

Musings: Things I Want But Can’t Afford Wishlist

I’m pretty sure I get obsessed with things really quickly to the point I Pinterest the hell out of them until they’re in my wardrobe OR they’re obliviated from my memory.

Remember my luxury wishlist? I still want everything but sometimes finding a dupe or cheaper alternative is just as satisfying. I shouldn’t be allowed nice things anyway as I’m a hot mess and a little too clumsy for my own good. I was lent a fancy camera for my Paris trip a few years ago and I dropped mayonnaise on the lens after only using it for an hour. I guess this is why insurance exists right?
Anyway, as I have waffled on for far too long, I thought I’d show you the things I want but can’t afford…

Chloe Susanna Boots

I think I stumbled across these on Tumblr (I’ve started using it again and it’s such a nice change from Instagram tbh) and I am in LOVE. They’re around the £850 price tag (HA HA HA AND HA) and I’ve seen a couple of dupes on good old Asos, but nothing will beat the original. I can see myself wearing these with EVERYTHING – jeans, skirts, leather leggings, denim shorts. Excuse me whilst I go on the search for a glucose guardian…

Chloe Faye Bag

I’m starting to think Chloe is my favourite designer brand. I remember watching I think it was Beauty Crush’s video where she got a Chloe Faye bag and since then I have coveted it. I love the contrast between the suede and leather, the simple hardware and the size, perfect for day and night.
One day… or night, it’ll be mine.

Versace Silk Shirt

This is probably a little wildcard BUT Versace silk shirts are SO BOUJI and I LOVE IT. Cue me in Miami on my 30th (It’s happening in 10 years time) on a boat with my Versace shirt as a cover up… But they look so versatile, I’d wear mine with jeans, skirts, shorts, over a plain dress… The closest I will get for the moment will be listening to Drake’s Versace…

Gucci Floral Bag

Who remembers that Krayshawn song… GUCCI GUCCI GUCCI FENDI FENDI PRADA? I’ve actually seen her live (don’t ask). Anyway, the new bags in from Gucci are stunning and a little different to the minimal things I adore. I love the street style shots I’ve seen them in and the clashes created when mixed with a vivid print.

Inner Peace

Sometimes I find it hard to relax and I can’t afford inner peace although I desperately need it. Perhaps its a sign I need change? But I guess I need…


What are some things you’ve been coveting lately but can’t afford?

Char xo

*I tried to embed my Pinterest boards but WordPress wasn’t having it. UGH. 

5 responses to “Musings: Things I Want But Can’t Afford Wishlist”

  1. Jade Spall says:

    I am literally with you on all of these item (especially the Gucci floral bag) I keep saying to myself ‘one day’ however let’s see if that one day ever comes hey 😂😂 Loves X

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