October 10, 2017

Memoirs: Seedlip x Pizza Express Event

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Seedlip and Pizza Express.


As I type this post up my plan to commit to Sober October has failed (I was tempted by Friday night drinks), but I am glad to know there is an alternative out there if I don’t want to drink.
Last Tuesday (October 3rd), I headed on down to the Gloucester Road Pizza Express in beautiful West London for the Non-secco event with Seedlip.
West London definitely a fashion bloggers paradise with the rows and rows of London townhouses yearning to be photographed. I on the other hand am not a fashion blogger. I much prefer food and drink instead and once I entered the Pizza Express branch I felt at peace with the world if only for a moment.


If you have never heard of Seedlip before… it is the world’d first non-alcholic drink where it solves the ‘dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking’. [Source]
I frankly hate the after alcohol feeling, you know the dry mouth, the raging headache and just feeling like the word MEH so I was intrigued to try their range of drinks.
I was greeted by Louis and Ben from Seedlip who had a beautiful little set up tucked away in a corner of the restaurant. Whilst waiting for other bloggers to arrive, I was the first tor try the cocktail named ‘Seedlip Spice 94’. The aroma reminded me of a warm winter evening and at first I wasn’t sure what the ingredients were but I was soon told it was a blend of all spice berry, cardamom, bark and citrus peel distillates. It was nothing like I’d tasted before and the lemon peel really brought out the citric elements.


The next Seedlip drink I tried was the Garden 108 which was my favourite of the two. It was refreshing, different and who would have thought I would ever enjoy a drink with peas in it. Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

The branding is EVERYTHING.

Ben then made us all a round of beetroot martinis (I think?) and watching cocktails being made is absolute art. There is something so elegant about all the preparation that goes in to it and the artistry that goes along with it. He also told about Seedlip organising the world’s first non-alcoholic cocktail competition where over 100 mixologists applied to take part earlier this summer. My idea of a non-alcholic cocktail would be a Woo Woo without the Woo, but it was really interesting to learn about this unique competition. Alcohol is the liquid ‘glue’ that holds a cocktail together so I would love to know what those mixologists came up with!
The beetroot martini was amazing by the way and tasted exactly like a Bloody Mary, and absolutely perfect if you like tomatoes which leads me on to…


The closest I’ve ever got to making pizza is grating extra cheese onto my microwave pizza (ew) as a hungry teenager. I cringe when I think back to how bad my eating habits were in my youth, in the days before weight clung to me. Anyway, as part of the Pizza Express x Seedlip event, us bloggers had the chance to make our very own pizzas and rather than telling you, let me show you.
My favourite part was adding ALL OF THE TOPPINGS but I didn’t put nearly enough cheese. It was also great to get to know the other bloggers a little more and I soon learnt blon we were a diverse mix of food, lifestyle and family bloggers who were united by one thing, pizza and forgoing alcohol or one reason or another.
Whether you want to give No Alcohol November or Dry December (I made these up) a try this winter, you can be happy knowing there is a brand for you. Not only that, it’s perfect if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or vegetarian, so you can say hello to an alcohol-free dinner this festive season without reaching for the usual juice or fizzy drink. You can find the Pizza Express Autumn Specials menu here and the Seedlip website here.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Seedlip and Pizza Express, but of course, all views are my own. 

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