January 31, 2018

Musings: The Jeans And A Nice Top Conundrum

Please note, this is a collaborative post with River Island.  

What exactly is that ‘jeans and a nice top’?

I’ve never been the kinda girl who wears a dress on a night out (well not yet, roll on the summer 2018 body), always opting for the jeans and a nice top option instead. For me personally, there is something sexier and  a little stylish about a two-piece option versus a dress.

However, when option for that jeans a nice top, there are so many different options these days and frankly I’m glad! Ages ago, I used to wear the oddest things on a night out and it perplexes me how unstylish I was and probably still am. 

The jeans and nice top option is so versatile, I’m sitting here browsing through tops wondering why I don’t have a champagne lifestyle yet a lemonade budget. Instead I’ve created a Pinterest board with all my favourites, from sparkles, lace, draping, wrap details, floaty and floral, these pieces don’t just have to be worn with jeans. However, the nice top can go with any type of jeans from skinny, to boyfriend, to mom to ripped. If you even have the edge to pull off bootcut, go for it.

That jeans and a nice top conundrum is anything you feel comfortable in tbh.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with River Island.  
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3 responses to “Musings: The Jeans And A Nice Top Conundrum”

  1. Maybe you should try a dress just to get out of your comfort zone. Although you can’t really go wrong with jeans and a nice top!! Xx

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