February 1, 2018

Musings: Feel Good Lenses – A Review

I wear contact lenses 3 or 4 times of the week because living in the rainy UK, I don’t have window wipers on my glasses and to be honest I’m clumsy. Contact lenses are convenient, especially when they’re daily disposables. Throughout my years of wearing them, I’ve never gone over to the weekly, two weekly or monthly lenses side, simply because it’s so much effort. Disposable lenses need no more explanation.
One thing I do find with contact lenses is that they tend to dry my eyes out, but the environment does play a factor. Most of the time I’m in an air-conditioned office staring at a screen than out in nature exploring the world. Gotta love adulthood right?
Anytime, that leads me on to the premise of this post, Feel Good Contacts are the sole stockists of Comfi lens and they were kind enough to send me a pack to try over the past month. I’ve actually ordered from Feel Good Contacts in the past and had no qualms at all, the delivery was so fast it felt like I’d just pressed ‘Pay now’.
Anyway, back to the lenses; air-conditioning dries out my eyes, so I often have to chop and change brands as my eyes can become resistant after a while. It’s kinda like if you use the same thing for too long, your body becomes tired of it (I wonder what else this could apply to). The Comfi lenses are made from hydrogel, allowing them to remain wettable and smooth even throughout the evening. Dailies are perfect for us who don’t have time to fiddle around with solution in the morning and simply just want to pop in a pair and go.
Best of all, they’re affordable… at only £7.99 per pack, they’re some of the cheapest lenses on the market, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on quality.
I used mine all day and had no problems at all, even when exploring Italy this past weekend where it got a little windy at points. It was refreshing not have that feeling of needing eyedrops or wanting to put in a fresh pair. This is because they have a 58% water content, which meant no irritation. Not only that, they felt good too, moist and squishy if that makes any sense to you at all and they have UV protection. So double-win all around! 
You can find Feel Good Comfi Contact Lenses here. Not only that, Feel Good Contacts are dedicated the offering the lowest prices and have a price match promise in place and if you somehow find the same product for less elsewhere, they will happily match the price and refund the difference!
Will you #FeelGoodFeelComfi this year?

Char xo

I was sent this product for my review, but all views are my own. 

5 responses to “Musings: Feel Good Lenses – A Review”

  1. shericonaway says:

    I’ve been wearing Accuvue daily wears for about a year and a half after wearing weeklies and monthlies for decades. I agree they’re a lot easier but boy, are they expensive! A 6-month supply costs me almost $400 vs. about $200 a year for the weekly ones. The trouble is, here in the US, companies can’t and won’t fill an order without a very specific prescription from the doctor. There’s a company who has been advertising on TV for cheaper lenses, but to be honest, I’m a little afraid to ask my doctor if I can even try them as I’m concerned for the quality, and quite frankly, not willing to risk my eyesight. How were you assured these lenses are comparable to the name brands?

  2. Ife Adedoyin says:

    I’ve worn glasses since year 7 and I’ve been meaning to get contacts but have never gotten around to it. These sound fab though, I definitely need to get some before summer comes around!


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