September 20, 2018

Musings: Underwear as Outerwear – A How To Guide

Please note this is a collaborative post with Sintimacy.

Its always around this time of year I get that ‘back to school’ feeling even though I’m no longer in an education establishment and start thinking about all the glorious Autumn/Winter fashion. It’s so much more fun than summer and the tones and textures are so much more playful than summer.

Pure London: Spirit Catwalk

One thing you may try this season is underwear as outerwear. This is more for nights out or showing a little skin as we catch the last of sun, but you may be inspired to switch it up. What is important is to play around with textures and contrasts.

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With a Blazer

A silk cami underneath a blazer is *almost* office appropriate. Once the clock hits 5pm, you can head out out and not have to worry about changing into your pjs when your get home (life hack no 498484).

Pure London: Spirit Catwalk

Become a Jeanius

Ever been looking for something to wear for a night out and just decide you’ll wear jeans and a nice top? Let the lingerie hanging in your wardrobe be that ‘nice top’. The contrast with a pair jeans gives a moody, 90s vibe and the right amount of sex appeal.

Lingerie doesn’t just have to be worn with denim, try mixing it up with soft knits for a cosy feel or layering it underneath sheer pieces for a little mystery.

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A trench coat and lingerie from places like Sintimacy is a classic look in this day and age. It evokes mystery, allure and only you what’s going on underneath. You’ll already have your coat if you’ve pulled in this. Alternatively, if you don’t have a trench, any coat would work, but make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

Whether it’s for a night out, a night in, a new partner or just for you, your lingerie doesn’t have to stay hidden.

Would you wear lingerie as outerwear?

Char xo 

Please note this is a collaborative post with Sintimacy.

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