September 20, 2018

Musings: 10 Outfit Ideas to Cancel Plans In

I haven’t written a fashion blog post in a while so I thought hmm what can I do this time so, this post compiles my top ten outfits to cancel plans in.

I’ve been ‘on the go’ most of summer and if I’m honest I’m kinda over going to events and just being out for the sake of it. 

Do you ever just get in those moods where you just want to be alone? And then people accuse you of being ‘boring’ but really you just enjoy your own company, don’t wanna spend any money and just have other priorities than popping bottles in the club. I wonder if those ‘people’ should be in my life on that note? Or maybe I have outgrown them. Or maybe I’m just overthinking again. 

For context, you’ll probably want to read these three posts:

I think I’ve become a mix of these two lately if I’m honest and part of me wonders if I should just sit in a doorway. I want to go out but I also want to stay in? Anyway 

  1. The Rattiest Pyjamas You Own

The ones you cant bear to throw away, the ones that smell like home and the ones with a ton of holes. Comfort is key when it comes to cancelled plans …or cancelling them. 

Chicken & Chips - The new Friday night

Chicken & Chips – The new Friday night…

  1. The Outfit You Were Going To Wear Out 

This means you can take outfit shots for the ‘gram and hang them back in your wardrobe. And yes, wear that outfit again, clothes are meant to be worn right? 

  1. Brand New Pyjamas

Self explanatory. I prefer pyjamas that aren’t actually pyjamas like hoodies and leggings.

  1. A big baggy hoodie

Is it your partner’s or someone else’s? I don’t condone cheating but whatever you need to do your best life when your plans are cancelled is on you. 

  1. A Onesie

Its a little difficult to go to the bathroom BUT its great for those cold evenings. 

  1. Gym clothes

I’m guessing you cancelled plans with the gym? Running errands in gym clothes weirdly makes you feel like you have your sh*t together doesn’t it? 

  1. Loungewear

Not quite pyjamas, not quite going outside clothes. These are little more FASHION and less fatigue. 

  1. Clothes that are a little small.. 

Sometimes you gotta be like Winnie the Pooh and rock a crop-top. *Pokes abs*

  1. Those outfits you need to *break* in

Not exactly comfortable but jeans need to be broken in otherwise they don’t mould to your body. This is also a good time to wear a “special” occasion outfit and see how annoying or comfortable it is. I’m looking at you jumpsuits and play-suits.

  1. Nothing at all

Bet you weren’t expecting that answer. 

What are some things you’ve got up to when you’ve been a victim of cancelled plans? 

Char xo                                                                           

Memes sourced from Instagram and Twitter, they do not belong to me. 

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