July 23, 2019

Musings: Birthdays with Biscuiteers

Please note these biscuits were kindly gifted by Biscuiteer. 

I celebrated a my 29th birthday recently which marks the the final year of the best decade of my life… so far. I was apprehensive about my birthday as usual but this year I made an effort for once and travelled to Berlin for the day. That blog post is a work in progress…

I was kindly sent some beautiful biscuits from Biscuiteers in celebration of this momentous occasion and they brightened my week. I cannot stop the ageing process so why not block out your feelings with food. *insert heart-eye emoji*

If you’ve never heard of Biscuiteers, they’re a company that specialise in unique hand-illustrated and bespoke biscuits for every occasion.

I was sent the vintage birthday biscuit tin which I was reluctant to share with my friends because they’re just so beautiful. But not only that, they tasted delicious too. If you have a friend or family member who is into afternoon tea this is the gift for them. Best of all you can send them anywhere in the world with up to a month’s notice. They’ll arrive on their doorstep and they can enjoy them with their tipple of choice on their birthday,

Birthdays, divorces, baby showers, life in general – no matter the occasion a biscuit takes the pain away.

What biscuits would you go for from Biscuiteers? 

Char xo 

Please note these biscuits were kindly gifted by Biscuiteer; all views are my own. 

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