August 26, 2019

Musings: Helping Your Friends Plan Their Wedding

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Now I may not be getting married anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I can’t help my friends plan their upcoming nuptials. In a past life I’m pretty sure I was a wedding planner and if my Pinterest boards are anything go by you will want to book me asap…

Preparation is Key 

Helping a friend plan their wedding is a great way to “I’m there for you” and share the burden of the daunting task. It may even help you get closer, be a way to challenge yourself and draw on your skills. Perhaps your job requires planning or organising in some kind of way – these are the exact things you’ll need when it comes to planning a wedding. However that doesn’t mean to say you have to be a super organised planner, you may be skilled at the art of negotiation, know how to swindle a bargain or find ways to cut corners without compromising on quality. Having that initial meeting with your friend (perhaps over a glass) of wine and brainstorm is the best way to start the planning process. A problem shared is a problem halved, right? 

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I would advise you to make sure you have a notebook or a shared Google document with all your ideas, things to do and who the task is being delegated to. It all depends how you work, some of us like spreadsheets, others like the old pen and paper method.  

The Venue

A few questions you’ll need to ask is where they want to get married. 

If you’re considering the UK, you may want to ditch London and the surrounding counties where venues are notoriously expensive and head over to Wales. There are some gorgeous South Wales Wedding Venues ready to be booked. The Wedding Booker website is second to none when it comes to venue hunting as it  has the biggest database of licenced wedding venues in the UK all in one place. If you’re working to a set budget they have a ‘get prices’ feature and they also have an availability function which is super helpful too.

The Hen or Stag

Now I’ve written all I know about planning a group trip here but the key is to be flexible, do something the bride/groom wants to do and make it memorable. Here’s a little sample of what you can do:

“When going away as a group, activities are a great way to do something different than you’d usually do in your home town, let you enjoy something together and have the group mentality of trying something new. I would always suggest everyone comes up with something they want to do e.g sports, paint balling, theatre show and voting for what is the most popular with the group. However, you don’t want your trip itinerary to be littered with too many activities, allow for free time to see the beautiful place you’re in, sample the food, meet the people and take it all in.”

The Big Day  

If all your earlier planning has gone to “plan” then the big day *should* be a success. Fingers crossed.

Post Wedding

Keep the memories alive! Have a post-wedding gathering or dinner with the friend you helped and celebrate the new chapter in their life.

Char xo  

Please note, this is a collaborative post with; all views are my own.   

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