February 29, 2020

Memoirs: The Foodie Guide to Vienna

2020 is my year of new. In 2018 and 2019 I visited twelve destinations in twelve months and for a new decade I needed a new challenge. So every place I visit has to be NEW. In one weekend I did Vienna and Bratislava because they’re the closest two European capitals. It’s quicker to go from Vienna to Bratislava than it is to go from North London to Croydon.

So here is my foodie round up from my first trip of 2020 and I’m not going to lie I have returned from Vienna struggling to button my jeans and a little out of breath when running for the tube.

It’s weird how four days elsewhere can mess up your ‘fitness regime’ but in the spirit of not feeling guilty for overindulging I bring you the foodie guide to Austria…

Reinthalers Beisl

This place was our first meal in Vienna and if I’m honest I didn’t know what to expect! On entry it felt very traditional and there seemed to be a fair few locals which is always a good sign.

We ordered the traditional sausage and creamed spinach (which was literally creamed, not creamy as I thought). I didn’t know what to think of this meal if I’m honest! I didn’t hate it but I guess it was something I wasn’t used to and would appease someone else’s palette. The strudel was good though!

Our meal came to around £35 which included wine, our mains and a side of strudel.

Das Augustin

From the outside Das Augustin may look a little suspicious but once you walk in it reminds you of a someone’s home. That’s the only way I can describe. It’s warm, inviting and well the food is to die for.

The menu is a not your typical ‘brunch’ fare. It’s on the healthy side which is great but there are also gluttonous options like pancakes and pancakes and cheesecake which is exactly what I opted for.

Das Augustin It wasn’t super expensive either with our food and drink (including a glass of Prosecco) totalling £28.

Find out more here.

Tip: Watch out for the cats.

Block House (Blockhaus)

One of my favourite ways to choose a restaurant whilst travelling is via Google maps. All you need to do is search for restaurants near you when you’re in a particular area. You can even filter by cuisine type which leads me to choosing Block House steakhouse. This kept coming up with five star reviews, so it had to be good, right?

And it was!

We booked a table but ending up getting to the restaurant a little early and there was no issue being seated. The menu was very simple and the different types of steaks available were clear. The staff were also knowledgeable about what wine to pair with our meal.

Best of all, it tasted incredible from start to finish, even the strudel.

Our meal came to approximately £85 which included a main, sides, salad, desert and a bottle of wine.

Find out more here.

Hilton Danube Riverfront

Ordering food at your hotel can always be seen as a bit of a cop out but when it’s late and you don’t speak enough German to understand the Austrian Deliveroo, it’s a means to an end.

However, hotel food is expensive and if you’re out of luck it can be an expensive mistake. The burger on the Hilton Danube Riverfront bar menu is not one of them though. Throughout the weekend we ordered this twice. And honestly it’s one of the best burgers I have ever had. If not from the brioche bun, it’s the choice of sauces that come with. *drools*

The burger was £20 which is steep but worth every penny.

Another burger?


Yes, another burger with mentioning is Le Burger which is a few minutes walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The burger was fresh, tasty and there are plenty of alternatives for veggies and vegans.

Café Xceslior

This was a cute little bar right next to St. Stephen’s Cathedral with an expansive wine menu. Don’t forget to ask if it’s happy hour for half price cocktails too.

Phone case gifted by Speck Products. Read the review here.

And of course, I am saving the best until last.

Kaffee un Kunchen (Or coffee and cake to us non-Austrians).

Cafe Diglas

This cafe transports you to old Vienna and makes you feel like you’re going to come up with your next masterpiece. The strudel and traditional Sacher torte are absolutely divine and to be honest have you ever seen a cake so smooth? This is how smooth I want my skin to look.

Somehow our bill came to £25 which is pretty wild for four coffees and two deserts but what can you do…

Tip: The toilets aren’t what they seem.

Read more:

Life is short. Order the strudel.

Where have you eaten in Vienna?

Char xo 

4 responses to “Memoirs: The Foodie Guide to Vienna”

  1. marie says:

    I mean…everything looks so yum ! Vienna is on my bucket list …not just because of the food tho.

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  3. Jenna's World View says:


    I really like the look of DAS AUGUSTIN the food looked legit. I’ve always wanted to go to Austria hopefully I can make that a thing in 2020


  4. Stefanie says:

    Wow everything looks so good. I want to eat it all lol
    Based on your food experience I feel like I only scratched the surface during my trip.

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