August 16, 2018

Musings: Has The Sims Unleashed a Hidden Desire for Interior Design?

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Direct Blinds

Today I ask myself if The Sims has unleashed a hidden desire for interior design?


My favourite part of playing is building my house and furnishing it. If only it was as easy as real life right?

I always start with a rough idea of the theme of my home for my Sim and good from there. My mind flits between nostalgia, contemporary and futuristic all the time so my designs and furnishing are usually mood-dependent.


Like with any home, you start with the foundation and go from there. I love giving myself a challenge and doing it on a budget but other times, you have to use the money cheat to make your Sim’s dreams come true. If only that worked in real life, eh?

One day. Next comes the fun part, decorating. I always start with my favourite room in any home, the kitchen. Its where the soul and life of any home is right, and of course, the food.

Roller blinds. Drapes. Nets. Curtains. Where do you begin? I always start with paint or wallpapers to avoid a break-in. Roller-blinds are the most versatile and easiest to change, come in a variety of colours and best of all you can customise them depending on the width and height of your windows.

Next comes the counter-tops and depending in the overall ‘look’ of the home I’m going for I’ll either go for country, rustic or marble. They’re all beautiful in their own ways and whilst marble is very modern and sleek, the country look has a very warm and cosy feel. Its whatever makes a house feel like home.

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I favour minimalism these days and I hate clutter (my bedroom says otherwise) and the best way to furnish would with neutral colours to give the illusion of space and warmth.

“Decoration and design ideas for me and my Sims would definitely include:

Source Musings: My Dream Kitchen Moodboard

Do you have a dream home design?

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Direct Blinds; all views are my own. Gifs sourced from GIPHY, apart from the microwave one, that’s mine and stock images from Unsplash. 

3 responses to “Musings: Has The Sims Unleashed a Hidden Desire for Interior Design?”

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  2. Olliviette says:

    Do not laugh BUUUUT… when my mother was deciding to build her house and she didn’t have money, I sat and designed our future home in the sims. for about a year I had a neighborhood with designs for our house. It sounds dorky but she went to the architect armed with screenshots of the final design.

    Now that house is almost built! As for interior design, anytime I play my game I end up wishing I had my own space to decorate and design the way I want.

    Olli –

    • charlotte says:

      Not dorky at all! It really is therapeutic in a way. We can’t really design our homes in London but at least we have the power to with the Sims! Thanks Olliviiette! xxx

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