June 26, 2019

Musings: Finding Out Some NYK1 Secrets – A Review

Please note, these products were sent for my review. 

Now it’s no secret I love beauty and all things skincare. I am always on the hunt for something new to try and sample to see if it works for me. There are so many brands out there and I only have one face so I like to try a few products at a time to see how I get on with them. Less is more right?

Back in May I was sent some products to try from a cosmetics brand called NYK1 Secrets. If you have never heard of the brand before, they’re UK based and founded by Andrea Asquith, a former master nail tech and qualified beauty therapist. Not only does this mean she has an understanding of products and treatments it also means she has a vested interest in the results. 

NYK1 Secrets was created to bring you the Hair and Beauty secrets that are locked up in today’s Beauty industry.  We love to bring you the highest quality Salon products at affordable prices, delivered to your door complete with the correct information and personal service for you to be able to perform yourself at home, to great accuracy and with great enjoyment.” 


LASH FORCE, £34.95

What’s the hype? 

My thoughts?

As a contact lens wearer and frequent glasses wearer I am very conscious about products that go directly on the eye but this was super easy to apply. Just like you would apply a cat eye without the cat this went on easily and with no spillage either. My first attempt took a few tries if I’m honest but the more I did it the more it became second nature.

These are my lashes usually bare and then with strip lashes.

I loved using Lash Force just after a shower in the morning and after cleansing in the evening. However there were some days I forgot to apply it but that didn’t bother me too much, my main goal was to get thicker lashes and I did…

Of course I am wearing mascara here but compared to the before photo, you can tell there there is a difference! They almost look as good as strip lashes, right? I can only wonder with time how my lash condition will improve.

The next product I tried was…

REMOVE ONE, £16.99

The Benefits

Key Ingredients

My thoughts?

I LOVE A GOOD FACE MASK. Wow that was a little enthusiastic but what I enjoyed most about using the REMOVE ONE mask was that it wasn’t just for your face, you could use it on your body too. I particularly liked using on places that are little darker like my knuckles and knees as I’d love to achieve the look of an even skin tone one day! I found it a tad drying to use all over my face so I used it mainly on my oily t-zone and it really began to make a difference.

Have you heard of NYK1 Secrets before?

Find out more and shop the brand here.

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Please note, these products were kindly sent for my review.; all views are my own.

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