May 31, 2020

Musings: 5 Ways To Get Over A Creative Block

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Whilst my whole timeline has been getting creative throughout this period of quarantine/isolation and social distancing – I haven’t. It has been hard to work on content whilst the whole world is going to shit. Throughout this time I have noticed the mass amount of productivity porn on my timeline and whilst that’s great, it has made me turn off. It’s become overwhelming to see ‘oh look at how much I have accomplished from my home’ plastered on my timeline. 

And comparing yourself does no good and I’m seeing this “time” as the adult half-term we have always needed. We’re just not allowed to go outside, travel, socialise and enjoy. 

But being creative means you’ll get an idea at 3am and need to record it somewhere before you forget. 

Being creative means some people in your life may not *get it* and you’ll need to flesh ideas out alone. 

Being creative can be exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

*We* see the world differently and sometimes we experience blocks but it’s a sign to get out of our headspace and:

Take a break


Give yourself a couple of days, weeks or even months to feel, to breathe, to endure and to just be. 

Curate what you consume

Block. Delete. Mute. Unfollow.

Not just online but in real life too. 

Turn off tv, radio, game console or anything that is having an impact on your mindset.  

Get back to nature

Ironic that I am telling you to ‘get back to nature’ during a global pandemic where we’ve been told to stay inside for the past few months. Going outside and removing yourself from your everyday surroundings and allowing yourself to just “be” is a great way to gather your thoughts. Leave your phone at home, take your keys and go on a very long walk.

Or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or balcony, perhaps it is time to invest in a hammock? I know I would. Imagine making your favourite drink, grabbing your favourite book and having your own little slice of heaven.

Remember your why

Ask yourself the following questions:

Why did I start? 

What is my intention? 

What is my purpose?

Do I enjoy this? 

Create what you’d enjoy

What would you enjoy reading or watching? Now go ahead and produce it.

– Me (May 2020)

I wrote this post for myself because I need to get my act together. I enjoy writing and the process that comes along with it. There will be many creative blocks ahead of me but that is part of the journey.

A lasting thought: 

I wonder how much amazing content is just sitting in our minds, our notebooks, and drafts waiting to be shared with the world.

How do you get over your creative blocks? 

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Char xo  

Please note, this post is sponsored by Hammock Giant; all views are my own.

4 responses to “Musings: 5 Ways To Get Over A Creative Block”

  1. Nyasha says:

    Lovely post, I needed this after the past week. I was wondering to myself why I even continue doing my Spicy food website when no one really reads it but now, I can pick myself up and tell myself it’s for me and someone out there who wants this content.

    Creating my website is important for me and others and I want to build on that.

  2. Sakshi Raina says:

    Loveeeee that quote! It has always been my mantra. I always ask this question to myself whenever I sit down to write a new post.

  3. Nadiene says:

    I heard a gif was waiting for me…

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