October 17, 2018

Musings: 15 Unrealistic and Annoying Things I Noticed Rewatching Sex and The City (Part One)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been watching Sex and the City since the tender age of 10 when I really wasn’t old enough to understand it or should have been watching it all. Since then, I find myself re-watching the whole thing at least once every two years. It’s funny how you get older the more you relate, the more carefree yet cynical you become and the more you realise that TV is all but a facade. You might wanna read my post called ‘Not Like The Movies’ to get you started where I summarise all the annoying things that happen in movie-land.  And before anyone comes for me, I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY. The fashion, the storylines, the characters and of course my favourite city in the world but I’m going through and ‘I’m over it’ phase and S&TC is on the receiving end of my mood right now.  Here goes, these are 15 unrealistic and annoying things I’ve noticed re-watching Sex and The City. Well up until the end of series two, hence why this post is called part one. I really need a break don’t I?  

1. Carrie is an idiot, there I said it. Who turns down a trip to St. Barts? She’d packed bags, put on her OTT travel outfit only to break it off with Big moments before they were due to leave for the airport. Why not go there, get a tan then do it? 

2. Carrie makes mountain out of mole hills (I could write a whole post on this). Somehow it’s always about her and wanting these big grand gestures of romance. Miranda on the other hand always brings her back down to earth; you could always sense a little friction between these two characters.
3. Carrie not understanding Big has a job? Carrie writes a column freelance and swans around NYC doing nothing most of the time and can’t deal with the premise Big moving to Paris for work. Plus she threw McDonald’s at the TV. UNREALISTIC AND ANNOYING.

4. How does Carrie type so fast without making any typos?

5. WHO THE HELL IS FREE FOR LUNCH AND BREAKFAST EVERY OTHER DAY? Without fail, in every single episode, they’re recalling the sordid activities of the night before at breakfast or lunch. This is unrealistic because trying to co-ordinates with more than one of my friends takes three to five working years.

7. A valid question:

8. Big isn’t *that* bad. I think what Carrie failed to realise that he was set in his ways and there are things he wasn’t going to change for her. 
9. Dating was A LOT EASIER in 90s/00s NYC. Nowadays I keep hearing that I need to date like a millennial but I would liken it to swiping through an Argos catalogue full of human sh*t. 

Self Love... the definition...

My kinda love at the moment… 

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10. THERE IS NO DIVERSITY. AT ALL. I’m wondering if I should do a post on this altogether?  

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11. Samantha is an inspiration. She know what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Carrie on the other hand wants something different all the time. She’s that friend who makes EVERYTHING about her. Remember the episode where she broke up with Big (the first time) and she couldn’t stop going on about it? 
12. Carrie runs into big in the Hamptons and throws up after seeing Big with another woman, yet she didn’t wanna go to Paris?! Did she expect him not to move on? Or was she upset because she hadn’t?

13. How does everyone get the summer off to go to the Hamptons anyway? 

14. Carrie having a problem with Big’s engagement. Different strokes for different folks. But did she not go into that lunch expecting something? (End of Series Two).

15. “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

This quote is from Carrie at the end of the episode of Big’s engagement to Natasha. Yet Carrie wanted just that, routine, structure and to be tamed. 

Hold on for part two of ’15 Unrealistic and Annoying Things I Noticed Re-watching Sex and The City’.

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