November 26, 2018

Memoirs: Self Care At Spa Experience UK, Islington

Self care isn’t just limited to a Sunday or when you have a day off. It can be part of your daily routine when you work full time or if you have a few hour spare. Switching off is important in this day and age. Whether you like it or not we’re glued to screens more than we’d like to admit. After a hard day a work, sometimes we take the stress to the gym with us, or home to our families, friends or flatmates. 

Relaxing after work can really change your mindset. Usually I like to schedule my relaxing time to the weekend but when the team at Spa Experience UK got in touch to try their Islington branch, I jumped at the chance.

If you’ve never heard of Spa Experience UK – they’re a chain of just that, spa experiences but based on the concept of making day spas accessible and affordable for the whole community. Spas have this connotation of being expensive, in obscure locations and if I’m honest a little pretentious, but my experience at the Islington branch of Spa Experience was the exact opposite. 

Arriving a little after 6pm, I was able to enjoy the facilities before my treatment and I was amazed that it was a full Turkish bath. And after a little Google, I realised that the building was Grade II listed, meaning it was soaked in history too. I soon soaked myself in the plunge pool, not realising it was ICE cold. But I knew it was good for circulation so I braved it for a few moments. 

I then went into the relaxation room to just stare into nothing before being collected for my treatment… 

What treatment did I go for? 

Gold Turkish Delight (70 mins)

Includes Full Body Scrub, Full Body Enveloping Massage, 9ct Gold Facial and you are invited to spend up to two hours in the thermal spa (Hamman, Sauna, Steam Room, Relaxation Lounge, Plunge Pool etc. after your treatment enjoying our signature Thermal Spa Experience.


Here were my thoughts on each part of my treatment…

Full Body Scrub 

I absolutely LOVED this. When you have dry skin, scrubbing is a great way to get rid of dry flakey skin and let oils, creams and balms soak in all that much better. 

This was then followed by a trip to the sauna (where I only lasted a few minutes) then the Tepidarium also known as the “warm room”. Or feeling like you’re on holiday…

Full Body Enveloping Massage 

This was everything I needed. At the time of massage I was super jet lagged and after being on a 13 hour flight a couple of days before, it was exactly what I needed. What I loved most was that the pressure was perfect, not too soft and not too hard. My spa therapist Tilly even made sure to ask me if I was happy with it too which is a bonus. Some spa therapists just go in without making sure you’re comfortable with your treatment.

9ct Gold Facial 

Who knew my skin could glow on a Tuesday evening? 

I also have a little confession to make… I started snoring during my treatment. I must have been relaxed after all.


Self care can be achieved mid-week…

With Spa Experience UK, you can find your oasis of calm in the city. The opening hours are flexible, the staff are professional and the treatments are affordable. You can find out more about the Old Street branch and book a treatment here. 

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Char xo  

Please note, my experience at Spa Experience UK was complimentary but of course, all views are my own. 

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