October 3, 2019

Musings: 5 Ways To Make Great Content No Matter Your Niche or Platform

Whilst I’m not the greatest content creator and no I shouldn’t downplay my “success”, I am always striving to make great content, at least for me anyway. I think after all these years of blogging I’ve finally found my signature style – relatable, sarcastic and with a dash of of memes.


Do you have a side-hustle? Perhaps you have a very specific interest like making crocheted hats for cats or rats? Or perhaps like the rest of us you enjoy taking pictures of food. This is the time to go deeper, cultivate your own style and… 


Okay so you like taking pictures of your food. Is there a specific cuisine you enjoy eating? Turn it into a challenge. Can you get Korean food in Congo? Sushi in Saudi Arabia? It’s all about looking for the unexpected wherever you are. 

Do you really wanna see another pizza in Italy post on your timeline? Whilst pizza is always great, take a pizza advice from me and find those stories that are waiting to unfold. 

I’m still waiting for someone to sponsor me to write my ‘top seven places to eat jollof rice in Paris’ post. 

– Me


If you’re stuck in a rut, kinda “over” your content, you need to get inspired. I always find the following things help me when I have a creative block:


Not only does collaborating open you up to new ideas, it gives you a whole new audience and can create long-lasting relationships. 

Here are a couple of collaborations I have done:


Unless you’re looking to create a persona (is this Ru Paul’s Drag Race?)… authenticity is key. 

Now you’ve read this far, here are some free ideas I don’t have the time to execute:

Podcast idea: Uber confessions. Those random conversations you have with Uber drivers – documented. 

Instagram idea: I have a ton of these here. 

Book idea: A series of ramblings about life. 

Vlog idea: Solo dining series – you, your stomach and your camera. Experience dining in fast food places to fine dining. 

There are so many amazing content creators out there and if I could list them all, I would. We all need to support each other and realise it’s so much healthier to collaborate instead of compete all the time. 

What content do you enjoy putting out there? 

Char xo 

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  1. In the midst of all your sarcasm you made some really good points. You just have to think out the box when it comes to creating content these days.


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